Property Mentoring

Tailored for beginners and advanced investors, our mentoring program offer personalised mentorship, exclusive access to our online platform, and expert guidance to help you achieve your financial goals.

  • Skill Level

    Beginner to Advanced

  • Duration

    From 3 Months

  • Cost

    From $997

Are you ready to take control of your financial future through strategic property investment? Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced investor looking to refine your portfolio, The Property Mentors' Property Mentoring Program offers the perfect blend of education, mentorship, and exclusive opportunities to help you succeed.

Tailored Mentorship for Every Stage of Your Journey

Our Property Mentoring Program is a membership-based service with flexible options to suit your needs:

  • Starter Membership: $997 for 3 months
  • Bronze Membership: $3,300 for one year
  • Silver Membership: $5,500 for two years
  • Gold Membership: $9,900 for five years

As a member, you’ll be paired with a dedicated mentor who will work with you to identify your investment and retirement goals, assess your current financial position, and evaluate your ability to save or borrow for a mortgage. Together, you'll develop a customised 5-year strategy designed to set up your retirement and maximise your investment potential.

Exclusive Access to Our Online Member Platform

Membership includes exclusive access to our robust online member platform, which features:

  • eLearning Courses: Hundreds of hours of learning content to enhance your property investment knowledge.
  • Membership Benefits: Discounted access to our referral partners.
  • Digital Portfolio Manager: Tools to help you track and manage your investments efficiently.

Ongoing Coaching and Expert Guidance

Receive continuous support from your mentor throughout your investment journey. Silver and Gold members also benefit from coaching sessions with The Property Mentors' Founder and CEO, Luke Harris, who has built a property portfolio worth over $30 million.

When you're ready to make your next investment, your mentor will leverage our extensive industry networks to source the best opportunities, assisting you with the property purchases at no additional cost.

Exclusive Benefits for Gold Members

Gold members enjoy additional perks, including access to exclusive property investment programs that allow you to invest in property without obtaining a home loan. Plus, all members receive a free copy of Luke Harris' book, "Let's Get Real," packed with insights and strategies from one of the industry's top experts.

Not Just a Buyer's Advocate Service

Our program goes beyond just finding properties; we aim to educate and empower you to become a successful property investor in your own right. We do not source owner-occupied properties, focusing instead on stable investment properties that align with your financial goals. Our unique business model allows us to offer property sourcing as part of our membership, keeping costs lower than traditional buyer's advocates by passing the majority of the expense to the vendor.

Invest in Your Future Today

Join The Property Mentors' Property Mentoring Program and transform your approach to property investment. With personalised mentorship, comprehensive resources, and exclusive opportunities, you’ll be well-equipped to achieve your financial goals and secure a prosperous retirement.

Ready to elevate your investment strategy? Contact us now to join and take the first step towards a successful and rewarding property investment journey.

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