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At The Property Mentors, we're dedicated to elevating your wealth through innovative property strategies that are often out of reach for individual investors. Join us to experience a unique blend of resources and support designed to help you achieve your financial goals and grow your investment portfolio with confidence.

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  • Property Sourcing
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  • Once time cost

Investor Accelerator Program

For those not quite ready to buy their first property but want to learn the ropes at their own pace


Once off

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Program includes

  • Aligning your dreams dates and dollars
  • Defining your why
  • What type of investor are you?
  • Traits of advanced investors
  • Why some investors fail
  • The three stages of readiness
  • Why invest in property?
  • Your finances
  • Assembling your team
  • 1x Free mentoring session at completion

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  • 3 months


For people ready to start the journey and make their first investment property purchase right now



Billed at $997

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Membership includes

  • 3x mentoring sessions
  • 1x investment sourcing
  • 1x portfolio strategy
  • Let's Get Real book
  • Member exclusive content
  • Professional investment analysis
  • Aligning your roadmap to success course
  • Introduction to property investment course
  • Digital property portfolio

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  • 1 year


For people ready to learn the skills to kick some serious property investment goals in the next twelve months



Billed at $3,300

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Everything in starter, plus

  • 12x mentoring sessions
  • 2x investment sourcing
  • Discounted Augur Investor subscription

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  • 2 years


For investors looking to take their investment portfolio to the next level with unlimited investment property purchases



Billed at $5,500

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Everything in bronze, plus

  • Unlimited mentoring sessions
  • Unlimited investment sourcing
  • Annual strategy session with Luke Harris
  • Annual portfolio strategy updates
  • 1% off management rate from Harris Property
  • Property investment masterclass course

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  • 5 years


For established investors ready to take their portfolio to the next level with diversified property investments



Billed at $9,900

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Everything in silver, plus

  • Bi-annual strategy session with Luke Harris
  • Free Augur Investor subscription
  • Access to Wholesale Property Trusts
  • Access to Become the Lender program
  • 2% off management rate from Harris Property
  • Investor intelligence masterclass course

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Investment Sourcing

For established investors who know what they're doing and looking for their next solid property purchase


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  • 1x briefing session
  • 3x investment property showcase
  • 1x property purchase
  • additional properties can be added for $1,000


'Investment sourcing' can be defined as purchasing one investment property or investing in one of The Property Mentors' advanced proprietary investment strategies; Become the Lender, Armchair Developing or Wholesale Property Trust. These advanced strategies are only available to members on Gold memberships unless otherwise approved by The Property Mentors.

Starter memberships may not be renewed and must be upgraded, all other memberships may be renewed at discounted annual rate prior to the membership expiring. Starter memberships and above can be upgraded to a higher tier by paying the difference in membership investment prior to your membership expiring at which point your membership will be extended to the new duration from your original start date. After a membership has expired the full investment applies upon renewal.

Personal Augur Investor subscription discount is only available on a yearly commitment paid up front.

Property management and personal Augur Investor subscription discounts are only applicable while a mentoring membership is active. If membership expires, the property management rate will return to the current rate offered by Harris Property.

Additional membership information can be found in The Property Mentors' Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use.