If you’re a well-established property investor you have a talent and passion for property and a growing number of investment properties in your portfolio.

  • March 14th, 2022
Likely you’re more than ready to seek out new and clever ways to diversify and build your portfolio, your knowledge and your wealth…through property. PASSIVE INVESTMENT VEHICLES This is where exploring the use of alternative investment strategies – such as small-scale private offerings and wholesale unit trusts – can see you improve your cash-flow by sharing in the profits of a truly passive investment vehicle. You might be surprised with the additional strategies you can use to boost your property game…starting right now! By investing with other results-focused property investors you also benefit from the uplift in value created for the fund through significant bulk buying discounts and exclusive off-market opportunities, and learning more about exciting projects involving small scale residential and backyard subdivisions, strata-titling, renovations, land subdivisions and commercial property. WHOLESALE UNIT TRUSTS Best of all, wholesale unit trusts can also be suitable for those who can’t access traditional lending, investors who just don’t want to take on further personal debt to grow their portfolio, or those wishing to invest via their self managed super fund for accelerated returns. Implementing sophisticated strategies like these means that you need to surround yourself with a team of highly trusted and investment-focused advisors – such as accountants, mortgage brokers, financial planners, solicitors, financial advisors and more – who have the specific industry skills and knowledge to provide you with ongoing and results-driven professional advice. So if you’re an experienced master of the property market and you need a set of fresh eyes to help you continue to continue to meet – and surpass – your investment goals, contact The Property Mentors and we can discuss how our trusted network of partners and suite of exclusive strategies might fit your individual circumstances. If you’re a master of the property market with an interested eye on co-investment opportunities then read the last instalment in our strategic series next week!


  • February 19th, 2024

Is Your Mortgage Holding Back Your Investment Dreams?

Homeownership has long been a pillar of the Great Australian Dream, a symbol of security, and an investment in one's future. Yet, in the grand narrative of personal finance and real estate, we often overlook a crucial question: Is your mortgage holding back your investment aspirations?

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  • September 5th, 2023

Rate Steady at 4.1%: Benefits for Property Market Investors

The Reserve Bank of Australia's decision to leave the cash rate at 4.1% is a welcome relief for buyers and investors in the property market, and The Property Mentors can provide guidance and support needed to take advantage of this opportunity and make wise financial decisions about your investments.

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