Savings accounts don’t make cents

Yes, low interest rates are great for your loan.

But when it comes to your savings, it’s a very different picture.

There’s been plenty of talk lately about how record low interest rates are fuelling the booming Australian property market and boosting lending to unprecedented levels.

If you’re trying to build up your deposit and your hard-earned cash is just lying idle in a bank, it’s might as well be going backwards.

And if you have a mortgage with surplus funds sitting in a home loan offset account returning the same rate of interest as your mortgage, it’s hardly exciting in the current environment.

Investors limited in terms of how much they can borrow, potentially with tens of thousands of dollars sitting idle, are likely feeling the frustration as well.

Because the key to building a substantial property portfolio is how quickly you can move on to your first, or next, property opportunity.

The good news is, that with access to the correct strategy and support, you can still ensure your savings are working hard for you.

Using advanced strategies

The general public doesn’t have access to the tools and strategies used by sophisticated investors to build significant monetary wealth and shorten the time between property investments.

At The Property Mentors, we have a range of propriety products available to our members, such as ‘Become the Lender’.

‘Become the Lender’ is a mortgage-backed, peer-to-peer lending system, secured by real property, that offers a fixed rate of interest.

It’s a cash-on-cash return, giving you the ability to invest your funds to achieve a far better interest rate than standard offset or savings accounts, without the volatility of the share market.

And ‘Become the Lender’ is just one of the tools we have that can help you reach your goals sooner.

How The Property Mentors can help

So if you’re tired of watching your savings go nowhere, or have funds sitting in an offset or savings account slowing you down as you work towards your next deposit, we can help.

Contact us and we’d be happy to discuss how our suite of strategies might fit your individual circumstances.

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