Nothing is worse than missing out on the perfect property because someone bought it from underneath you!

With Australia's official cash rate remaining on hold at the record-low level of 0.1 per cent, and Australian home prices soaring by 23.7% across 2021, investors and homebuyers are out in force, ensuring competition remains intense.

The hottest segment of the market is sitting between $400,000 and $600,000, with sales being secured in record time. In fact, quality properties aren’t even hitting the retail market, making it challenging for new investors who often prefer to take things more slowly than competing seasoned investors.

This has seen many investors – particularly first-time investors – missing out on property.

Why? Because the property they find today and plan to research tomorrow, is the same property that someone else looked at yesterday and purchased today.

In today’s market, you need to be ready to go when opportunity arises

At The Property Mentors our philosophy has always been to ensure that our members are ready to go – financially, emotionally and educationally. We put in place a clear and actionable property investment plan with every new member. And we review this strategy regularly.

The next step sees us helping members find properties in areas in the right phase of the price cycle, and introducing them to off market opportunities – properties that you won’t find on real estate websites. So we’re presenting our members with excellent investment opportunities across Australia literally every single day of the week.

At present we’re seeing exciting projects hit the market across Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and the ACT, and these properties are moving quickly.

How do you keep on top of fast-paced market action?

If you’ve been thinking about investing in property – particularly with end of financial year looming – then now is the time to get in touch with your team of property experts. This team of dedicated industry specialists should include an accountant, mortgage broker, financial planner, solicitor, property manager and – most importantly – an expert mentor to guide you through it all.

These advisors have the skills and knowledge to provide you with results-driven professional advice, right now. It’s their job to ensure you’re 100% ready to purchase, quickly.

Buy yourself some time to consider your options

To help alleviate lingering doubts you may have around making big decisions, fast – due to today’s hyper competitive market – an important service we provide to our members is an EOI (Expression of Interest). This literally buys you time to consider a property by taking it off the market for a set period of time, generally from three to seven days.

We can offer this service because we’ve invested significant time in establishing trusted relationships with quality developers across Australia. And it’s these relationships that allow us to secure our members up to seven-day reservation options for a small refundable deposit – generally around $1,000.

Following this methodology, our members are 100 per cent ready to sign an EOI as soon as their mentor finds a suitable property, which in turn means they can secure property deals immediately and then work out the nuts and bolts with their personal property mentor over the following days.

Nothing is worse than missing out on the perfect property because someone bought it from underneath you while you were fine tuning every single detail!

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