Rate hike surprise (not)

Who do you blame? The RBA? Inflation? Or media hype?

It should come as no surprise that, at its meeting today, the Board of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) increased the cash rate target by 50 basis points to 2.35 per cent. That’s a double hit.


Because inflation in Australia is the highest it’s been since the 1990s, and is expected to increase further in the coming months.

The RBA anticipates it will peak at just over seven per cent later in the year, before declining back to the target range between two and three per cent. And it's this range the Board seeks to achieve…while keeping the Australian economy on an even keel.

In more positive news, the Australian economy is growing solidly, wages growth is picking up, and in July the unemployment rate declined even further to 3.4 per cent, the lowest rate in almost 50 years. In addition, many households have built up large financial buffers and the savings rate remains higher than it was pre-pandemic.

And all this is about to hit the headlines

So brace yourself for the news tonight.

And while you’re watching, listening and reading, to help you navigate your way through the click bait and the sensationalism, remember this good advice from Dr Josie Vine, Senior Journalism Scholar with RMIT, “…journalists have to report change. They have to report what is new. And, at the moment, rates going up, it's new. And when rates start going down, that will be new, too.” In the meantime:

“You've got to be really careful and choose the credible journalists and where you get your information from…you've got to find the ones that you trust…”

Dr Josie Vine, Senior Journalism Scholar with RMIT

It’s times like these we refer back to the reason The Property Mentors was established. To help all investors – whether they’re experienced masters of the property market or first time investors – to:

  1. Define their future
  2. Create a plan that will get them there
  3. Provide objective advice to keep them on the path to realising their dreams

Especially in troubling times. Because while we can’t do a great deal about the wider economy, we can help all investors to keep calm when things get tough, and navigate the hurdles that get in the way of their end goals. After all:

“The hardest part of investing isn’t the buying, it’s the keeping and maintaining.”

Luke Harris, CEO of The Property Mentors and author of Property Fit

So, if you’re interested in learning how to build long term wealth through Australian property – despite the noise and confusion in the marketplace – book in a call with one of our mentors today.


Check out our podcast with Dr Josie Vine on how the news cycle and the media industry works here.


Whether you’re a renter or an investor, property is a topic relevant to everyone. It should come as no surprise then, that property is always front and centre of the media and news cycle. A bi-product of this is “media hype”, something that can cause investors to be nervous about entering the market or taking the next step to expand their property portfolio. In this episode hear from Dr Josie Vine, Senior Journalism Scholar from RMIT University, who talks about how the media industry works. Learn about the difference between “the media” and “journalism”, how different outlets have different motivations, formats and rules they must follow, and why it is so important to be critical of any news we consume.

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