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Why do you need a property mentor?

As active professional property investors ourselves, here at The Property Mentors we know first hand the difference the right planning and strategy can make to any investor’s long term success.

That's why we start by guiding our members to develop their own unique clear and actionable plan. We also help them to find properties in areas that are in the right phase of the price cycle, carefully considering how each purchase will affect their capacity to acquire the next property, and so on. Our mentors may also recommend additional exclusive opportunities and strategies that can see members earn generous cash flow returns, start a diversified property portfolio, improve cash flow and accelerate their savings.

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Our Roadmap to Success

We’ll help you to develop the skills, mindset and knowledge to grow your property portfolio. With our support and proven roadmap to success, along with access to our proprietary products and strategies, you’ll soon exceed all your financial goals.


The Property Mentors is well known for successfully helping Australians create long term wealth through property. Building on this experience, and following feedback from our members, we’ve expanded to include a boutique property management service, focused on managing residential properties in the Melbourne area.

If you are leasing out one or more of your most important financial assets, then you need to consider what makes one property management agency better than another - for your personal circumstances.

As active professional property investors, The Property Mentors has the practical knowledge and experience to make a big difference to your overall long term financial success.

Find out how we can also guide you along your journey towards finding the right tenants for your properties, making asset management and your financial security easy and achievable along the way.



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