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Is Property Your Passion? 

Want to join our team of millionaires? Here’s your opportunity.  

We’re offering three up-and-coming property investors the chance of a lifetime: to take your passion for property seriously, to call the shots and be your own boss, and to earn up to $250,000 per year.  

Sound like the dream? There is one catch. We’re looking for mentors with proven results which means an existing portfolio and plenty of know-how - with room to grow.

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Dr Matthew Bateman


Dr Matthew Bateman (B.Sc., G.Dip Ed., M.Chiro) has had a long and varied career which has led him to become a highly sought after Property Mentor.

Matt started out like many runnings businesses to generate profits which he transformed into a substantial property portfolio. Making his passion his career, Matt is currently involved in the development of over $100 million of property across Australia and has successfully taught THOUSANDS of clients how to build a large property portfolio to suit their lifestyle.

Matt is a sought after property educator, and regularly wows audiences all around Australia with his knowledge, passion and unique no-holds-barred presentation style.


Luke Harris


With a passion for property, Luke started buying houses, apartments, subdivisions, and small developments early, building up a highly valued portfolio that continues to grow. With true entrepreneurial flair, Luke sold his second successful business by age 30, becoming a full-time Wealth Creation Mentor. Drawing upon his vast experience and multi-million dollar portfolio, he empowers thousands of people every year through their own investment journeys.


Anita Krzystyniak

Property Mentor

Anita has been passionately mentoring clients with The Property Mentors for over 3 years. She not only helps her many clients build their portfolio dreams with the effective and proven strategies we offer, she also continues to expand her property portfolio in Australia and abroad. Anita is truly living the property dream lifestyle!


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