Finding the right property for the right price isn't easy. A buyer's advocate can help.

Having an experienced property advocate by your side means exactly that – we are on your side, not that of the seller! Contact us to find out how we can help you find and purchase your ideal property.


We’ve deliberately developed a straight forward, simple, smooth and streamlined service to help you navigate your way through conflicting advice and make your property purchase easy.



The first step towards finding your property is letting us know exactly what you’re seeking! We not only need to know what you want in a property, but also what you want to achieve. Are you seeking long-term capital growth? Will this be your home at some point? You need to help us, so we can help you. That’s why we have a comprehensive online process to walk you through this step – so that together we can agree on exactly what type of property you need right now to help you achieve your goals!



Next, we start the process of finding your ideal property, no matter where it might be in Australia. This includes extensive online searches, accessing opportunities through our professional property network and sourcing off-market opportunities – those properties that aren’t advertised to the general public and that you would never be able to find on your own. We will find all of the best available properties in your desired location.



We conduct an extensive objective analysis on the long list compiled in the search phase, so that we can finalise a short list of up to five properties for you to consider. Note the word “objective”. We aren't emotionally involved in the process, and the criteria we use is based not only on your goals and requirements, but also on the property, the location, the price, the inclusions, the terms, the timeframe and so on. We provide a report for each short listed property; all you need to do is select your property!



This is generally the most stressful point for any purchaser. Because they are highly emotionally engaged in the process, in the excitement of negotiating an offer they can lose their head…not to mention a lot of money! That’s why we use our extensive experience to secure your property at the best possible price and the best possible conditions – for you.

The top 3 reasons buyers seek out an advocate

  1. Lack of knowledge Confusion about the property market in general, and what makes one property better than another and one area better than another
  2. Lack of time Making the decision making process more stressful than it needs to be, and leading to big decisions driven by emotion rather than logic
  3. Lack of negotiation skills Likely due to a lack of experience and not having the right advisors around to help you avoid making costly mistakes

And all of these issues are exacerbated by receiving conflicting advice, from multiple sources, that may not be tailored to your individual goals. Seeking out professional advice from a buyer’s advocate can help you cut out the noise generated by selling agents, developers and everyone else who has a vested interest in selling you a particular property…for the highest possible price!

So if you want to:

  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Avoid bad decisions
  • Remove emotion from the process
  • Receive independent and unbiased advice

And if you think you could benefit from engaging a buyer’s advocate to work for you (and not the seller), contact us to learn exactly how we work with you to make sure you get the desired outcome on the property you’re searching for! Or let us know your requirements below, and we'll get started today!

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