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We are a team of elite property professionals that help you achieve outstanding results through property. Whether you are just beginning, or already have a multi-million dollar portfolio, we can help you slash through the maze of investment-related information, and misinformation, in the marketplace today. 
No longer waste time wondering if you’re making the right investment decisions, we stand with you, providing you with education, motivation and opportunities, that will fast-track your portfolio with high performing properties.



As some of Australia’s leading Property experts, we are always on the forefront of innovation, constantly seeking out revolutionary ideas and opportunities. We value education and aim to share our insider knowledge with other Australian investors so that you have the confidence to make smart investing decisions. Visit our events page to attend one of our workshops, exclusive Masterclass events or one of our FREE webinars.  

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We provide personal mentoring to our members and develop customised, long term solutions to reach your goals. Your mentor will guide you through strategic  investment decisions and share the secrets that helped us build our own multi-million dollar property portfolios. From due diligence to legalities, your property mentor will lead you on the right path to make smart and profitable investment decisions and grow your portfolio with high performing properties.

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Access To Strategies


Unlike many other property educators, our primary focus is on actually buying property and growing our wealth, and the wealth of our members, through advanced property strategies not commonly available to individual investors. As a bulk buying group we have been able to negotiate great pricing, high-value inclusions, excellent purchase terms and so many more really practical advantages over other investors.

The Property Mentors specialise in providing access to:

• Strategic property mentoring
• Property sourcing
• Capital growth property
• Cash flow positive property

• Renovations and subdivisions
• Finance and broking services
• Property focused accounting services
• Property law specialists (Solicitors)

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