Is The World Economy About To Collapse

Is The World Economy About To Collapse

First came Grexit, then Brexit, and some economists believe a Quitaly is imminent. Greece still has unemployment figures of 25% & youth unemployment over 50%. In fact, 11 countries in the Eurozone have youth unemployment of over 20%.

After years of economic policies designed to stimulate inflation such as QE programmes, & ultra-low interest rates policies what we have is World Government Debt of over US$61 Trillion (and growing by over US$4M / min). Last week’s CPI numbers here in Australia, according to the ABS, came in at just 1% over the year to June 30th, 2016. which is the lowest since the June quarter of 1999.

Bottom line what this means for most people is lower standards of living, low wage growth, higher levels of unemployment (and underemployment), and massive uncertainty, both here, and abroad.

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