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The Property Mentors have developed some amazing investment opportunities! We’ve helped thousands of Australians to start living their dreams through property investment.

 Our clients wanted to share their stories, of how we’ve helped them progress as property investors!

I first met The Property Mentors at an event in Sydney, at the time I was only building my first house to live in. Through their webinars, phone calls and YouTube videos, I along with my partner now have a property each under construction thanks to their help and guidance.The experience was effortless. TPM work long hours to ensure they are available as often as possible and provide constant updates to keep my mind at ease.I would highly recommend them to both newcomers and seasoned property investors seeking to add wealth to their portfolio

Douglas Reagan
The event was one of the best organised ones I have been to. Content was relevant and delivery by Matt and other speakers were highly regarded. The second day of the event in my own opinion was such an important part of the property investment journey. Learnt a lot from the different sites which could not have been that well delivered otherwise. I would totally recommend The Property Mentors team to my family and friends.

Tia Cassar
Very informative and eye opening, a great place to learn about the Australia property market and property in general.

Iain Archibald
Very Helpful. No pressure. Very relaxed. Must do.

Kevin Moloney
Very informative, and my questions were answered in detail.

Daniel Epps
This is a very positive step to take. Always start with education. Talk to like-minded people and people who have taken the steps to invest.

Sanee Chow
The event and overall experience has been very informative. I am stretched out of my comfort zone (in a good way) to really think about my Dream, Date and Dollar. The event has given me a summary of what I have from other seminars or interest which leaves me thinking what do I do next; this has made me think which way I would like to go.

Monica Quach
Excellent value on education on property investment.

Harry Oon
Helpful in working out your own individual goals/plan for the next few years/many years. You were able to take what was relevant to your own situation.

Peta Archibald
Excellent. Complete review of property market for investors with strategies and fantastic team to assist all the way. Had a wonderful day looking at properties on the city fringe and at the beach.

Emmanuel Casals
The event was invaluable. It may possibly provide the tools to set you up financially for life. I’m planning to give each of my children a weekend event for Christmas.

Therese Moloney
Matt’s presentation gave an extremely in-depth coverage of today’s investment motives, strategies, scenarios and financing which gave me the confidence to expand and consolidate my property portfolio with The Property Mentors.

Peter Buchanan
It was a very informative session and practical experience on how to invest in property in intelligent ways.
Alan Mozurudose
Very informative two-day event. Over and above, not something every company does.

Ankush Jindal
I’ve had property for about 6 years now and wasn’t aware of how much I didn’t know, how many things I’ve missed. I learnt more in two days than in the past 6 years. Great job guys. Thank you.

Ravi Shah

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Get your free Property Investor Booster Kit