Luke Harris

Property Mentoring Professional

Luke was 19 when he established his first business and bought his first property at just 20. Having a passion for property from a very young age Luke did what a lot of investors do, and bought houses, apartments, performed multiple renovations, subdivisions, small developments, bought in mining towns and bought off the plan.

Along the way, he continued to help friends and family to get started creating wealth and continue building their own property portfolios. At age 30 Luke sold his business and was able to leverage off of his property portfolio and take an 18-month mini-retirement.

Luke then moved into the role of full-time wealth creation mentor drawing on his experiences to empower and guide hundreds of people through their own investment journeys.

Having built a multi-million dollar property portfolio and currently involved in over $130m of development, Luke understands the value of mindset and the power of setting specific goals. Every person has unique aspirations and as such Luke has a special talent in helping people get out of their comfort zones.

Luke and his experienced team at The Property Mentors work with his mentoring students to recognise their potential and help them on every step of the journey.