Matthew Bateman

Property Mentoring Professional

Matthew Bateman (B.Sc., G.Dip Ed., M.Chiro) has had a long and varied career which has led him to become a highly sought after Property Mentor.

Matt has always had a strong interest in health, wealth, leadership & success across a range of disciplines.

Born in Sydney in 1971, Matts’ parents were probably instrumental in him becoming a Property Mentor.

His father was a civil & structural engineer, and his mum a leading high school teacher, so it seems fitting he has combined property & teaching into his passion.

Matt started his first business, whilst still completing his Chiropractic studies, and competing as a high-level athlete himself.

Whilst, his own Olympic aspirations were quashed by a recurrent injury, Matt had the privilege & responsibility of coaching and treating many Olympic & World Champion athletes, across a number of sports, for many years before focusing on establishing a string of Health & Wellness businesses across Melbourne.

During those years Matt also founded & established an education company specifically designed to give high school students the life & study skills they would require to become high-level performers in their chosen fields. Matt is an International Best Selling Author and is a regular speaker on health, property, leadership, and success in all fields.

However, Matt’s investment career did not start off at all well! Like many people he lost large amounts of money, & time, chasing every shiny new investment and business opportunity, from the stock market to speculative gold mining exploration, to the next “big” MLM business. However, Matt firmly believes in learning from your mistakes and using them as learning experiences to propel you towards your ultimate success.

After several frustrating, and expensive, years Matt made the conscious decision to educate himself on becoming a successful property investor & spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, and countless hours reading books, watching DVD’s, attending seminars, and receiving personal mentoring with some of the world’s leading experts in property, business & personal development.

One of the key things Matt learnt along the way was that in order to become wealthy, income alone was not enough, and that you must learn how to leverage your income to secure assets that would grow in value over time. Matt’s growth asset class of choice became property, and he then systematically went about becoming an expert in it, & amassing a multi-million dollar property portfolio.

Matt, and his hand-picked team at The Property Mentors, currently have over $130M worth of property under development, and have successfully taught hundreds of clients how to build a large property portfolio to suit their lifestyle.

With, all those years of experience in business, property, success & mentoring under his belt Matt invites you to apply to become his next success story.

Will you allow Matt, and his team, to teach you how you too can transition from your current life to the life you really deserve to have?