Anita Krzystyniak

Property Mentoring Professional

Anita Krzystyniak has a story that so many people can relate to. She finished school, found a great job, worked incredibly hard, and yet somehow always ended up living paycheck to paycheck.

She spent the first 7 years of her career as a professional recruitment consultant helping people find employment. While this role provided her with a lot of personal satisfaction, she recognised very quickly that many employees (just like her) were overworked, underpaid and struggling to balance between financial and family commitments.

Anita took a few months off to travel Europe in her 20’s, where she accumulated a $30,000 travelling debt; returning with 3 maxed out credit cards and a personal loan!

Once home, Anita resumed her full-time recruitment role but also had to take on a part-time weekend job, just to try and pay off her amazing holiday.

It was at this time Anita realised there simply must be a better way!!!

Anita spent 2 solid years researching and personally testing every investment strategy she could get her hands on! From Options trading to Forex trading, Internet Marketing to Ebay businesses, USA Property to Australian Property, you name it, she tried it!

Anita discovered that while many strategies looked great on stage, not all of them produced the results she was promised.

Having spent thousands on different investment courses and through the painful process of trial and error, Anita came to realise that there were only really a small handful of key strategies that most investors really had success with. These wasted years are now of incredible value to Anita’s mentoring clients, as it allows them to leverage off her skills and experience and generate results in a quarter of the time.

Within a few short years of purchasing her first property in Melbourne, Anita was able to legally reduce her income tax to zero, which freed up a lot of extra money to keep re-investing.

Anita also realised that if she wanted to continue to acquire property quickly, she would need an additional source of cash flow. Anita started writing options with Sharelord many years ago and still generates a consistent income from this strategy today. Having a second income for only 40 minutes of work a month has been a true example of Anita having learnt how to work smarter and not harder!

In addition to her continuously expanding Australian property portfolio, Anita also looked to the US market and purchased a few investment properties in Phoenix, Arizona. These positively geared properties were a wonderful addition to Anita’s already growing portfolio as they produced cash flow from day one and also experienced considerable capital growth.

Anita has a Diploma in Financial Planning and is also a Real Estate Agents Representative in Victoria.

Anita has spent the recent years of her career as an Australian and USA Property Specialist, a Professional Trader and Senior Coach and Mentor.

There is little doubt that Anita’s honesty, transparency and integrity is what has set her apart in this industry. She is simply an investor, helping other investors, and her strategic strategy sessions assist those she works with to formulate a structured plan so that success is not left to chance.