Step 4. Property Selection & Acquisition!

Ok, so we now know what you want to achieve, we have an “A-Team” of property professionals in our corner, we have the correct structures in place and a clear strategy to follow, now for the fun stuff …. it is time to go shopping!

Once again, selecting the right property is just the culmination of the previous 3 steps, but is no less crucial. For example, if we invest in a typical property in Australia with a value today of $500k and using simple capital growth rates of 6% pa after 10 years that property would be worth a little over $895k and after 20 years that property would be worth approximately $1.6M.

If we invested in the same buy and hold strategy on a different property with the same starting value of $500k and the only difference being that this property averaged 9%pa growth instead (close to the long-term average of property growth in Australia*) then this property would be worth almost $1.2M after 10 yrs and over $2.8M in 20 years. Over 20 years the difference to you would be over $1.2M just by selecting one property that has a 3%pa change in capital growth rates.

We specifically target investment properties that have the potential to outperform the market, and their direct competition, year on year based on a stringent set of criteria that we apply to all properties that we source for ourselves, and our clients. See, unlike a lot of companies who are just looking to sell you a property, we are actually buying these investment properties for ourselves.

We just happen to have the ability to negotiate better deals for ourselves, and for our clients, because we have the ability to negotiate on bulk. We are not called The Property Mentors for nothing.