Step 2. Getting the Right Advice!

Successful property investing is not something you can do entirely on your own, and we are of the opinion that it is more fun when shared with other people anyway.

There are a number of professionals that you will want to have on your team, including a good property accountant, mortgage broker, conveyancer, financial planner, solicitor, real estate agent or buyers agent to name a few.

In fact, the quality of your advisors will probably be the biggest determinant of your success, or lack of, in property investing. The Property Mentors have decades of collective property investing experience & have assembled a hand-picked collection of these professional advisors, which we make available to you, to help you avoid costly mistakes and to help protect & grow your wealth.

Given that property investments are typically some of the largest investments that people will make it amazes us how many people treat property investing more as a hobby rather than a business. Some people are deluded into thinking that just because they live in a house it makes them an expert property investor.

Couple that with the recent spate of media coverage with television shows like The Block, Selling Houses Australia, The Living Room etc. many people now think that they are suitably qualified to make decisions on what type of investment property will be best and where to locate the best buys.