Step 1. Understanding Your Needs!

Every person is unique and has an individual set of circumstances, financial resources, future goals and ambitions. This step is critical, to establishing whether property investing is right for you and if so how should you structure your portfolio to enable you to reach your goals as quickly and as safely as possible.

Make no mistakes about it, property investing is just a vehicle for wealth creation and the actual property selection process is actually one of the last, and arguably the least important steps in the whole process. Imagine if you went to a doctor’s office, and before you even had the chance to speak about the purpose of your visit, the doctor wrote you out a prescription for some drug you had never even heard of, that you may not need, and which may actually be detrimental to your future health.

Well, how is that any different, from you working with any real estate agent or property marketing company, trying to sell you a property before knowing what you are actually trying to achieve from your property portfolio?

At The Property Mentors we take the time up front to really understand what your current financial situation is, what level of property education & experience you possess, how you are currently structured, and what your short, medium and long-term investment goals are.