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As professional property investors and mentors for the past 20 years, we have refined what we believe is the best method to help busy professionals and business owners build long-term sustainable wealth. The answer is mentorship. Not high-priced seminars or courses.

While most property education companies are touting the latest technique for quick riches or promoting a one-fits-all investment scheme, we are mentoring our members one-on-one to give them the support, expertise and guidance to reach their goals.

The immense emotional rewards we gained by helping others get ahead in life remains a key driver for us today. There is nothing more satisfying for us than helping someone improve their life financially and emotionally.

We also noticed that the prevailing method of educating would-be investors, practised by property companies; namely large seminars and DVD courses did not actually work for most people. Sure there were a few amazing success stories for a few rare individuals. But by and large, most folks just did not have the time, confidence and perseverance to apply the information and build the wealth they desire.

It became clear to us that there was a strong demand for the type of help we are able to provide. That’s when we decided to establish The Property Mentors.

The Property Mentors works on a fee for membership model. Each of our members is personally coached by one of our team. We help each member get clear about their current position, set financial and personal goals and milestones and develop an action plan.

We assist by sourcing properties to suit each member’s goals and negotiate favourable terms on their behalf. Additionally, we source or create opportunities to grow their cash-base through secured fixed interest or growth investments allowing members to boost their income, save deposits faster or fund a more comfortable retirement.

Membership fees average less than $39 per week. Many of our established members have seen their wealth position grow by an extra $50,000 to $100,000 per year.

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