The Property Mentors Introduction to Property Investment

The Property Mentors focus on growing our members' wealth, through advanced property strategies not commonly available to individual investors. The Property Members Introduction to Property Investment course provides you with exclusive access to property investment education to prepare you to begin your property investment journey.

Introduction to Property Investment Course

Access to The Property Mentors Introduction to Property Investment eLearning course for $99.
Hone your skills and become the best property investor you can be with The Property Mentors.

Plus! Get bonus access to:

  • The Property Mentors Aligning your Roadmap to Success short course

  • A free one-to-one coaching session with a professional property mentor at the end of your coursework

  • Access to The Property Mentors exclusive online investment portfolio manager

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The Property Mentors Introduction to Property Investment course does not include ongoing access to a mentor or any strategic investments.

A 'Strategic investment/purchase' can be defined as purchasing one investment property or investing in one of The Property Mentors' advanced proprietary investment strategies; Become the Lender, Armchair Developing or Wholesale Property Trust. These advanced strategies are only available to members on Lifetime and/or Gold memberships unless otherwise approved by The Property Mentors.

Online and Starter memberships may not be renewed and must be upgraded, all other memberships may be renewed at the special renewal rate detailed above prior to the membership expiring. Starter memberships and above can be upgraded to a higher tier by paying the difference in membership investment prior to your membership expiring at which point your membership will be extended to the new duration from your original start date. After a membership has expired the full investment applies upon renewal. Online memberships do not qualify for a pro rata membership rate.

Victorian property management discounts are only applicable while a mentoring membership is active. If membership expires, the property management rate will return to the current rate offered by The Property Mentors.

Additional membership information can be found in The Property Mentors' Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.