I recently read on the Internet (so it must be true!) that according to a UCLA study, the average toddler gets told “no" a staggering 400 times per day. Of course, there are times when being told no is actually a good thing: "No, you can’t play with those razor-sharp scissors", "No, you can’t put that knife into the toaster (…or your sisters eye)".

But equally, there are times when you need to be told #YesYouCan! Take property investment for example. If you listen to the mainstream media, you might think that getting on up the property ladder is nothing more than a pipe dream. You might have heard housing affordability is terrible, so you gave up on your dream of ever owning your fair share of Terra Australis. And even if you could afford the deposit, you might erroneously believe that this would then tie you to a crippling mortgage for the next 30+ years. Some media analysis is even calling for an imminent cataclysmic correction to property prices. But here's the thing. All that “noise" out there is totally irrelevant to your ability to successfully #GetUpThePropertyLadder. Let me ask you, “Is it possible that in any market, at any time, there could be at least one opportunity that could improve your financial position?” The answer, of course, is YES. And we may be one of the only voices in your life saying #YesYouCan!
  • Yes, you can become more successful.
  • Yes, you can get up the property ladder.
  • Yes, you can enjoy a richer lifestyle.
The problem for most people does not lie in any lack of opportunity, but rather the lack of at least one of these 3 vital ingredients:
  • Lack of Desire
  • Lack of A Clear Plan
  • Lack of The Right Action

1. Lack of Desire

Some people have it, some people wish they had more of it, and some people don’t have anywhere near enough of it to become successful in any area of their lives. See, as human beings we are really good at wanting good stuff to happen to us, but only a select few have a high enough level of desire to actually go out and make those things happen.

Let me share this story with you about desire to illustrate this principle. You can also go and watch Eric Thomas speak about this here if you need even more inspiration. There was once a young man who wanted to make a lot of money and so he asked a wealthy old man if he would teach him the secrets to becoming rich. And he told the old man "you know I wanna be on the same level you are" and the old man said "if you wanna be on the same level I’m on, then I’ll met you tomorrow at the beach at 4am." The young man was keen so he arrived dressed up in his best suit at 3.45am and he was ready to learn how to make money. The old man arrived promptly at 4.00am in a pair of board shorts and he asked the young man, "How bad do you wanna be successful?” to which the young man replied, “Real bad”. So the old man grabs the young man by the hand and leads him down the beach and into the water, suit and all. Now the young man has all sorts of things running through his mind: “Man, this old guy is crazy!” But they walk further out and the water is up to his waist. Inside the young man's head he says to himself, “Hey, I wanna make money and he got me out here swimming.” Still the old man continues to drag the young man deeper until the water is at his shoulders now. The young man is thinking, "I didn’t ask to be a lifeguard I wanna make money he got me in here ruining my best suit." Still the old man plunged further out till the water was up to the young mans mouth. At this point the young man is thinking, "I’m about to go back, this guy is out of his mind." The old man, seeing the doubt in the young man's eyes simply says: “I thought you said you wanted to know the secrets to success...”. The young man bravely says, “I do.” The old man replies, “Then walk a little further.” So the young man continued, at which point the old man grabbed his head and held it down under the water. His strength belied his age as he held the young man down. The young man was fighting the old man with everything he had but was no match for the old man. The young man was thrashing and flailing about and then just before he was about to pass out, the old man raised him up and asked: “You still want to know the secret?” The young man meekly nodded. The old man said, “Well, the secret is that when you want to succeed as badly as you just wanted to breathe, then you'll be successful.” So let’s get real with each other. What level of desire are you bringing to the table? On a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the level of intensity that the young man was at just before he passed out, and zero means you have no interest whatsoever in taking back control of your destiny, where is your DESIRE at? And let’s be clear here: if your level of desire is anything less than an 8/10, then really it doesn’t matter what we teach you. Chances are you will never achieve your goals.

2. Lack of A Clear Plan

Alright, let’s assume you have the adequate amount of desire to take your results to the next level. What is next?

Well, we need to make sure you have a clear plan of exactly how you're going to achieve those goals. In travelling all around Australia and after speaking with literally thousands of investors, it is rare that I will find anyone with a clearly written plan of exactly what sort of wealth and what sort of lifestyle they want to have in their lifetime. Let alone exactly how they are going to achieve it! How about you? Are you clear on The Dream (what you want to achieve), The Date (when you want to achieve it by), and The Dollars (how much will it cost to run your ideal lifestyle)? So if we can all agree that having this baseline information is an important step for us to maximise our chances of success, why don’t more people do it? Because it is not commonly taught, nor is it an easy process to master! I don’t know about you, but I never learnt how to effectively plan out my life at school, at home, or in the workplace. And like any skill, effective goal setting takes time, and repeated practice to master. This is why even those that have tried goal setting in he past will often give up on it when things don’t go exactly to plan. But with the right help, we believe that anyone with sufficient desire can learn how to live their dream lifestyle.

3. Lack of The Right Action

Everyday we all take actions based on our current level of thoughts and beliefs. These actions (or lack thereof) will ultimately lead to the type of results we will enjoy (or not!) in our lives.

Most likely tomorrow you will wake up and probably take similar actions to what you did today, or yesterday, or last week, or last month, or last year. But are the actions you are consistently taking getting you closer to your target (assuming you have a target)? Or are they preventing you from enjoying all that life has to offer? See, in order to strive for something greater, or to to enjoy a higher level of wealth, happiness, and success than you currently do, you are going to have to do something different. You are going to have to get outside of your current level of comfort. We all live in comfort zones, and as Tony Robbins said, “In life you will get what you tolerate.” So what are you willing to tolerate in your life? A low paid job, or an abusive spouse, or being overweight, or a broken relationship with your child? The paradox here though is that as human beings, we are hardwired to avoid discomfort. However, to change anything in our lives, to grow beyond our current situation, requires us to do something that is outside of our current levels of comfort. And that is why we are launching the #YesYouCan campaign. Because we have spent years training people to do exactly that. We have honed our systems to the point that if you can bring the desire, and have the willingness to roll up your sleeves and do the work, then we say to you, #YesYouCan! Importantly, we are not making any false claims here and painting this journey as all beer and skittles. In fact, we are not saying it is all going to be easy. If you want to change your life there's going to be some discomfort, some sacrifices, and some obstacles that you will need to overcome. Getting you both emotionally, educationally, and financially ready will take some serious commitment and effort on both sides. What we are saying is this: if you are willing to ask for our help, we will be with you on every step of the journey, providing the right guidance, support, and opportunities for you to grow, learn, and become more successful. Remember: #YesYouCan!

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