What Can We Do To Benefit From The 'Asian Century'? - Part Five

There are a number of ways we can take advantage of Australia’s geographical proximity to Asia, reputation for quality & honesty, our natural assets, and strong track record of historic growth in our property markets. We cover this off in great detail in our Master Class events. But unlike what many will tell you, whilst it can be simple it will not necessarily be easy for you to maximise these opportunities. Some people might have you believe that “If you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything!” — totally ignoring decades of research on behavioural change. Of course, you want to be more productive (see Tuesday), more affluent and make better investment decisions. So why is it so hard to achieve these results consistently in your own life? As Scott Adams said, “Losers have goals. Winners have systems.” So how does one create systems to ensure better investment results? Let me be crystal clear: Top performers have an unfair advantage over ordinary investors. They either have access to knowledge, people or opportunities that individual investors just don’t. That’s why I’d like you to introduce you to The Property Mentors systems. You see systems help us pre-decide what’s important with any investment— ONCE — and then they force us to stay focused. Instead of waking up every day and wondering what you should do… you’ll have a clear picture of what to do BEFORE you even start. It’s the same with your money habits…. Most people suck at sticking to budgets if they have to think about it, but we can show you ways to build automated systems which can save you both time, stress and money. … AND more often than not you can still buy what you love and not sacrifice your lifestyle to achieve levels of financial freedom enjoyed by only a small number of investors during their lifetimes. Once you integrate these systems into your life, you’ll sleep soundly, because you know that because of the system you're achieving more than virtually anyone else around you. Think of the simplest system you use — where you put your keys. Maybe it’s by the door, or on the hallway cabinet. See once it becomes a habit you never think about it. You don’t have to “try harder” to put the keys where they should be… it just happens and it just works. It’s mindless. And it does what it needs to do. What if you could build the same simple money management and investment systems into your life? I don’t believe that anyone is truly lazy. I don’t! What I do think is that there are a lot of people out there who want great results but just don’t know the exact steps they need to follow in order to achieve them. How many of you out there think about all the cool changes they would like to see in their lives and never achieve them? That is why at The Property Mentors we don’t just send you an email, a book, or a DVD on investment because we know that for most people, it just becomes an expensive paperweight, or something that takes up room on your bookshelf. Sure you had all the best intentions and you might even read it. But the problem is that you don’t just need knowledge…. You need systems! What I find most fascinating is that the vast majority of investors we work with (and we can’t & don’t work with everyone) GENUINELY want to change their results, but they don’t know how to change their behaviours to produce those results. We simply cannot figure out how to do it. We use words like “motivation” (one of the worst words to use in behavioural change since it almost never works). We speak should instead of act and do. “Yeah, I really should do that…” By the way, if you are shoulding all over the place… you have already lost! You have literally should yourself in the foot! We jump on webinar after webinar and keep reading everything we can get our hands on thinking that pretty soon we will stumble onto the investing “secret" that will transform our lives. We do all kinds of things that offer so much but deliver so little. Here is an investing secret for you… There are no secrets! There is no perfect investment, and there is no absolutely perfect time in your life to get started. What you want are perfect systems. If you’re serious about changing your own behaviour, you need to know this: Automation is one of the most powerful tools you can have in investing… Simply “trying harder” will almost never work… And more information is probably not the answer. This is why we create step-by-step systems and not just "Investment for DUMMIES!" type products. FAQ's “Ok Matt that all sounds good, but how do you know The Property Mentors systems will work for me?” We don’t. See right now we don’t know anything about you. We don’t know where you have come from or where you want to go? We don’t know what habits, beliefs or systems (if any) you have developed in your lives to date. And to be perfectly frank we don’t know if you are even the sort of person we can help. “So who can you help?” And if we had to put a number on it we can probably help 85% of investors out there. The investors we help best are those truly ready to help themselves. There are minimal qualifications to become a member of The Property Mentors and 3 basic levels of readiness. The first level is emotional readiness. That is you must be ready to change your results. This could include changing they way you think, your behaviours and maybe even the people you hang out with. The second level of readiness is Educational Readiness. That is having the requisite knowledge to safely progress a grow your wealth. Finally, the third level of readiness is Financial readiness. That is there is a minimal financial capacity that everyone will need to begin, or continue on, their investing journey. The real magic occurs when you can bring all 3 levels of readiness to the table at once. “Who are the 15% of investors you can’t help?” Well in our experience, the first 5% are those that just can’t be helped. You might know someone like this. They are often called cynics. I am not talking here about a healthy dose of scepticism, which is desirable, but the true cynics who will only ever be able to see reasons not to do something. They have often been burnt in the past, and now believe that the world is a nasty place, full of snake oil salesman and rip off merchants. The next 5% we can’t help are those who are not willing to ask for help. They see it as a sign of weakness to ask for or accept, help from anyone else. They are often too proud to admit that they could achieve better results by working with someone and wear their own often suboptimal results like a badge of honour, or to paraphrase Frank Sinatra they only want to "do it my way”. And the last 5% are those investors who already have great systems and results in place and everything they want in life, and simply don’t need our help. “So how do we get started?” Well, you already have all the information you to make a very simple decision. Are you ready to have a chat to one of our senior Mentors to see if we could be a good fit to potentially work together in the future? Now, whilst we probably should, we don’t charge you a cent for an initial consultation. This is our chance to share in more detail what we do and how we do it and for you to pick the brain of an experienced and successful property investor. In fact, our mentors will take the time upfront, and at our expense, to get to know your situation and whether or not you have a realistic chance of achieving your financial goals faster, safer and more predictably with our help than without it. It is highly unlikely that you will have ever had this sort of real conversation with any property based company in the past and you literally have nothing to lose. So now it’s all in your court. It is just a matter of you pulling the trigger and giving us a call on (03) 8842 9399 or shooting us an email to [email protected] Until next time, Matthew Bateman Matt has successfully transitioned from establishing and operating a string a successful health & wellness businesses, to being a full time property investor & developer. Matt has been involved in the development of well over $100M worth of residential real estate. Matt is a sought after presenter and educator covering all areas of real estate & regularly wows audiences across Australasia with his knowledge and passion. Matt's Special Asia Feature: Monday 29th August: Is Australia Still ‘The Lucky Country’? Tuesday 30th August: Do We Really Work Hard Here In Australia? Wednesday 31 August: How Unaffordable Is Australian Property On A Global Scale? Thursday 1 September: What Does Asia Think About Australia (and Australians)? Friday 2 September: What Can We Do To Benefit From The "Asian Century"

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