Treating Wealth Like A Disease

Most of you would know that I was not born wealthy. Nor was I born into a family of property investors. After school, I went to university to study engineering but spent more time chasing girls and the bottom of a beer glass than studying so took a few years off as gap years and pretty much just bummed around doing odd jobs here and there. Eventually, I decided to reignite my brain and went back to university and completed multiple degrees culminating in me becoming a Doctor Of Chiropractic. This is where I studied neurology, psychology, microbiology, pathology and all the other “ologies” to learn how to understand the human condition. I will never forget one lecturer (who at the time I disliked and I thought he was a real tosser) told the class “know what is normal and abnormal will stick out”. And as much as I hate to admit it but he was right. Once you have examined enough bodies over the years, you soon learn to identify “abnormal” quite quickly. Many people upon hearing that I no longer practice Chiropractic, but instead operate in the property space full time, say “wow that is really different”. To which I reply, “Not really. In both instances, I see big similarities between the 2 occupations". Inherent to both is the desire to help others, the need to be able to identify “problems” and to provide “treatment plans” that over time will “make" the “patient” better (or in some cases stop them from getting worse). See, all of those skills I learned to be an effective Doctor of Chiropractic are the exact same skills I bring to the field of wealth creation. That is if we decide to look at wealth like we do health, we can all agree that we each exist on a sliding scale somewhere between poor health/wealth, average health/wealth or optimal health/wealth? And at any point in time the decisions we make today will affect where on that scale we will be in the future, just as the decisions we made in the past are currently affecting our present levels of health/wealth. I see that as tremendously powerful! The reason for that is that it means we are largely in control of our wealth. In other words the decisions we make today will set us up for our results in the future, and those results will be either better, the same, or worse, based upon what actions we take today. So let me ask you another powerful question! What are you doing today that will ensure you are going to enjoy better results in the future? Till next time, Matt

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