The word 'disruptive' has been rebranded

Over the past few years there has certainly been a lot of buzz around so called "disruptive" technologies. What exactly is disruptive? Well if I think back to my school days, I seemed to get that a bit on my report cards and it wasn’t seen as such a good thing back then... If my memory is correct they went something like: "Matthew is incredibly good looking, talented and highly intelligent and as such can become bored easily and tends to become disruptive in class….” So my memory might have been fuzzy... especially at the start... But being disruptive certainly had a negative connotation in the classroom. Beyond the classroom and now into the tech-world, 'disruptive' has become the aim. According to "A disruptive technology is one that displaces an established technology and shakes up the industry or a ground-breaking product that creates a completely new industry. “ Ground breaking. Shake up. Disruptive has been rebranded. Who is being disrupted? Consumers, businesses and even (traditionally) slow-moving governments are starting to embrace new and innovative ways of increasing productivity, improving the user experience, and generate greater results. Consumers are shedding their long-time reputation has being likened to having the average attention span of a guppy. (And that may be selling the humble gold fish short, with research commissioned by Microsoft showing that a gold fish has a longer attention span than the average human since 2013). Businesses (especially those bogged down by layers of red tape and bureaucracy) are finding their hard-won market dominations being eroded by young upstarts such as Uber and AirBnB who are using technology and enhanced customer experiences to shape the new landscape. And even the AUSTRALIAN Government, which typically moves with the speed of a slow moving glacier, have Malcolm Turnbull spearheading a conversation on innovation - claiming it as a vital cog to our future prosperity. How does disruption apply to property? Well here at The Property Mentors, we pride ourselves on shaking up the status quo, and helping to more fairly share the profits being made in the Australian property space. For decades, property developers, real estate agents and property marketing companies have fleeced the lions share of the profits upfront with the humble consumer or end buyer left almost exclusively relying on market forces to provide their results. By changing that model, with the introduction of our Property Without Loans™, Deposit Revolution™, & Armchair Developing™ systems, we have created a range of disruptive shifts in that equilibrium. Even the way we recruit is different. Check out our innovative and clever campaign to find the next property mentor! I never thought I'd see our heads super-imposed on a supermodel, but hey, we're not afraid to try new things and disrupt your newsfeeds! As with all new technologies, there will be a number of investors who will want to hang on to he old way of doing things. This can be due to plain old fear of change, a perception that the old way is either better or safer, or a entrenched belief that perhaps they are too old to learn any new tricks… (Check this out for an old dog learning a new trick!) So if you are looking for faster and more predictable ways of increasing your financial results in the property market don’t be afraid to look outside the box. Take the chance to take advantage of the new breed of entrepreneurs out their challenging the norm, and bringing disruptive change down on the industry.

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