How to Profit From Australian Property, Without The Need For Loans

Ok, so everyone knows that for years the banks have made insane profits, largely off the back of lending out money to investors and homeowners to purchase property here in Australia. In 2015 the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) stepped in to curb lending to investors over fears of a runaway property market. (Although to be fair the increased prices were largely confined to the juggernaut cities of Sydney & Melbourne). Lending conditions tightened, with increased interest rates, and lower Loan To Value Ratios (LVR’s), for investors. Foreign investors also have felt the squeeze with many banks now not open to business to overseas investors without consistent Australian income streams. Additionally, in the background the world has been gorging on cheap credit, and printing money, for years, trying to kick-start the flagging global economy. In fact, many economists are asking the question, “How much longer can this go on for?”. Many economists are nervously watching to see what will finally break this camel's back. So far the Brexit has only temporarily buckled the knees of the global economy, so what is ahead of us? Perhaps a Grexit will be put back on the table, or a Quitaly? Perhaps Donald Trump will become the leader of the free world, and the US economy will retreat into insular and protectionist policy making. Or perhaps it will be China’s amazing growth screeching to a standstill that finally brings the largest of the biggest global economic experiment to its knees. Anyway, the upshot of all of these events combined is that type of investments that may have worked over the last few decades, are unlikely to produce the same result over the next few decades. We've just announced a FREE webinar to take an in-depth look into:
  • What the recent changes to lending for investors, imposed by APRA & the banks means for us property investors.
  • Why now is such a great time to be building your Aussie property holdings… and why it is even better if you can do it debt-free
  • How to flip traditional lending practices on their head… and give the banks the bird on the way out.
  • Plus if you are still going to borrow, wouldn't you like to learn where to get the best rates and terms on your loan?
  • How to secure, prime Aussie real estate, without the need for any lending…. And all at serious discounts to market!
  • How to increase your wealth position, without taking on more debt. This could be the ultimate safety play, and hedge against these uncertain macroeconomic conditions.
  • How to build your cash flow from property… and without the need to ever own another property!
So who is this webinar for? This is a serious webinar for anyone who is serious about reducing debt, increasing cash-flow, and building more wealth through Australian property. But this is a must-attend webinar for:
    • Anyone over the age of 50 who is looking to secure a comfortable (or even generous) retirement within the next 1-2 decades,
    • For every property buyer who has been unable to get their foot onto the property ladder… or can’t get onto the next rung.
    • For the self-employed, unemployed, retired, or those who have recently started a business, changed jobs or careers, & pretty much anyone that has been shut out of the property market by the banks servicing calculators.

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