5 Ways Wealthy People Make More Money In Any Property Cycle

First off, they are not worried about property cycles. They change their strategy according to the cycle. In fact, Boom-cycles are when they go on holiday! Importantly, they combine the following strategies:
  1. They buy under market value.
They never pay retail price for properties. They ensure there is a safety buffer of at least 20% (instant equity) in case prices fall.
  1. They look for positive cash flow.
They don't get bogged down in negative gearing debates. In fact, the majority of investors who negatively gear property in Australia earn less than $80k.
  1. They buy and sell at the right time.
Yes, you can time the market with the right technology. Contact us to find out the best technology to use.
  1. They add value.
The 2016 BRW Rich Listers are overwhelmingly property developers. The youngest and new entrants are worth in the $100s of millions. They buy a development site and add tremendous value. And they spend less of their own time than most renovators would.
  1. They use experts.
They use other people's expertise and contacts to make it happen.

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