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"Luke and the team at The Property Mentors have a wealth of knowledge and genuinely care about helping their members build wealth through property."

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"Luke is a real expert when it comes to property investing. His knowledge when it comes to the market is unparalleled."

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"Luke's insight into property investment is top-notch. I've seen first hand his dedication to client success."
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"Possibly the most exciting opportunity for Aussies in the history of property investing"

Dear Investor,

Regardless of whether you want to set yourself up for an early retirement…
Or build a powerhouse portfolio that brings in passive income while you sleep.

This will be the most important thing you read all year.

Here’s why:

My name’s Luke Harris and 23 short years ago I was dead broke working at Hungry Jacks earning $9 an hour.

Fast-forward to today I’ve built a property portfolio worth over $25+ million…

Written 2 books on property investing…

And have been featured in countless media articles (Domain, The Project, ABC and The Today Show just to name a few).

But more importantly I’ve helped hundreds of Australians just like you achieve their own goals of financial freedom through property.

But it wasn’t always this easy.

What I’m about to tell you has taken me 23 years of trial and error:

And after spending thousands of hours on the front lines scouring property data…
Attending countless seminars, workshops and masterclasses…
Spending millions of $’s testing every strategy (new and old) on my own portfolio…

I finally discovered a ‘secret wealth creation system’ that’s so simple
and effective it can work for almost anyone.

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Not only has this wealth creation system helped me go from $0 to $25 million in property in just 23 years…

It’s also helped 316 of my members purchase over $257 million worth of property!

But that quarter of a billion is just in purchases…

The total value of these properties today is well north of this!

This wealth creation system has helped:

💰 Young family Josh and Monique go from 0 to 3 properties in just 3 years WHILE having their first child.

💰 Business owner Kiko rapidly explode his portfolio and go from 0 to 10 properties in just 1 YEAR while still growing his freight transport business.

💰Parents Daren and Chantal purchase 2 properties in just 1 year WITHOUT sacrificing their lifestyle and while their 2 kids were in high school.

💰 Father and engineer Liam skyrocket his portfolio with 5 properties in just 3 years while building a family and career.

💰 Apprentice electrician Cody secure 3 properties in just 2 years… all before the age of 23!

I could go on and on…

And in a moment I’ll show you exactly how this money-multiplying strategy could help you build your very own reliable cash generating system.

A system that puts money in your pocket every week while you work, travel or spend time with your family.

But first I want to show you more proof that this system ACTUALLY WORKS.
Regardless of your career, income or borrowing capacity...
And regardless of interest rates, inflation and wars...

Hundreds of Australians are using this system

4.9 stars on

More than $257 million in property purchases!

Throughout 10 years of helping Aussies build wealth.

Property Sold Chart qtr

The more I developed this wealth creation system...
The more I realised that the usual methods of investing in property will never get you the results you want.

In fact... I call these methods:

The biggest property investing mistakes that will murder your investment returns.

Because if you want to create a safe and reliable path to financial freedom through property…
The typical buying process of:

❌ Engaging a real estate agent

❌ Going to

❌ Using a buyers advocate

❌ Or any other property company offering a free guide,
e-book or ‘masterclass’ promising financial freedom

Are never going to get you where you want to be.

This is because property selection is just one small part of building a portfolio.
And investors that jump straight to property selection without the proper education and strategy risk:

🔴 Cash-flow problems due to bad loan structuring

🔴 Paying MORE tax than they need to

🔴 Losing money on an underperforming property

🔴 Getting ripped off by an agent just looking for a commission

🔴 Or putting off their investing and “waiting for the right time”

All this leads to Australian’s getting stuck:

Stuck not being able to grow their portfolio…
Stuck in a job they don’t like…
Stuck not being able to provide for their family in the way they want to…

All while watching others achieve the success they can only dream of.

And before I prove to you that it doesn’t have to be this way…

I want to show you exactly who needs this ‘secret wealth creation system’:

❓ Do you want to build a ‘nest-egg’ but struggle to find the time?

Do you want to grow your wealth but aren't sure how all the information online applies to YOUR specific situation?

❓ Are you nervous about investing half a mil+ and want to consult a professional for guidance?

❓ Do you already have a successful portfolio but want help from property experts to take it to the next level?

❓ Do you want to be the most popular person at the BBQ with everyone asking how you manage to afford all the holidays?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above…
Keep reading to see how you can fast-track your investing results and create a clear path to financial freedom...

"Author and property millionaire agrees to give away $25m portfolio building secrets in wild NEW mentorship program"

Luke in the news

For a limited time only I’ll be taking applications to be personally mentored by me and my team FOR FREE.

This NEW Investor Accelerator Program is designed to fast-track your property portfolio regardless of whether you’re just getting started or are on your 5th investment property.

If accepted, here’s just a mere fraction of the gold you’ll get from your FREE mentoring sessions:

Personalised Portfolio Growth Roadmapwith our century worth of property investing experience we’re ready to help guide you to success – even if you’ve been told your income or borrowing capacity is too low (don’t pay $2500+ to speak with an overpriced property consultant).

Personalised Debt Mastery Blueprint - Discover the finance strategies that could drastically improve your investment returns (this could save you $20,000+ in repayments over the life of your loan!).

Rapid Tax Reduction System - the method I personally used to slash my income tax to ZERO in 2016 (and I’ve even got the letter from the ATO to prove it ;)) (this could save you $10,000+ EVERY YEAR in tax).

My ‘Foolproof’ Property Sourcing Formula – How to find high growth properties EARLY in the ‘property clock’ that will fit into your portfolio like a piece in a puzzle (don’t pay $10,000 - $20,000 for an expensive buyer’s advocate).

That’s over $52,500+ worth of value you get FOR FREE (enough for another house deposit!)


The “Super-Charge My Growth” Blueprint – already have an established portfolio and want to use advanced strategies to boost your growth?

I’ve personally had success with commercial property and Airbnb as well as renovations, subdivisions and developments.

And while I wouldn’t recommend these strategies for most investors…

Many of them have resulted in several 6 figure+ returns for my own portfolio.

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Why this is the only program of its kind and will transform your life, like it has mine:

To make sure we can get you the best possible results...
I've strictly limited the number of new members we can take on.

That's why our mentors will only be taking 16 new members per group.

But believe me...

Joining the waitlist will be worth it when we reveal:

How to create a realistic portfolio plan based on your income, career progression and goals

How to build your team of expert advisors needed to start and grow your property portfolio (and the questions to ask to make sure they’re acting in your best interest!)

How to SLASH your tax using the tax strategies the government WANTS you to know

How to select the right loan type and structure to maximise your cash-flow

And that's just the beginning! We'll also show you...

How to analyse a property’s potential yield and growth

How to unlock the hidden deductions most investors miss out on

How to determine whether your next property should be positive or negative geared

How to decide whether you should be buying in your own name, a trust or company

Already have an existing portfolio or mortgage?

Then you NEED to know our powerful strategies for:

Reducing your current mortgage in as little as HALF the time

Unlocking your existing equity to ‘leapfrog’ yourself into your next property and beyond

What to do when your income and borrowing capacity have become a bottleneck

How to negotiate excellent purchase terms and high value inclusions for your next property

Whoah! That's a lot of proven, street tested strategies that could work RIGHT NOW to rapidly explode your portfolio’s growth.

And it’s the stuff that the ‘gurus’ can’t teach you because most don’t have the real-world experience growing a portfolio like mine!

But why would I do all this for free??

Well, there’s actually 3 reasons:

1) To pay it forward

Look, success doesn't come easy.
And no one manages to make their dreams a reality without a combination of:

🟢 Hard work and patience

🟢 Others opening and holding the door for them from time to time

This is my way of ‘sending the elevator back down'.
As this Mentoring Program is the exact roadmap I wish I had when I was starting out in property.

2) Unlike other ‘gurus’ I make most of money through my investments

NOT by selling you the dream…
This means I can share ALL my money-making secrets without holding anything back.

3) As a way to put my best foot forward and show you I can help you by actually helping you

Rather than trying to convince you that my wealth creation system works…
I’d rather just show you.

Because I know that after I help you create a sustainable cash producing system…
You'll want to stick with me for a very long time.

And a small percent of you will want me to handle the process of growing your portfolio for you (the rest I’m happy to help for free).

But just to be crystal clear…
There's no obligation now (or ever).

With that said, my question to you is…

What would you do with a fleet of ‘workhorse’ properties putting cash in your pocket every week?

Because trust me when I say…

Life is much more fun when you have the freedom to choose what you want to do each day.

But if for some strange reason you’re still on the fence after reading this…

I can only imagine it’s because of one of these 4 reasons:

1) Maybe you think you “don’t have time” for your investing right now.

But when was the last time you did have time?

Because face it:
There’s always going to be something keeping you busy and the honest truth is that no one will do your investing for you.

And unless you’re happy to live off $350 a week from the pension…
You NEED to start planning for your retirement now.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

2) Maybe you’re waiting for interest rates to come down before you start thinking about investing.

While it’s true that rising rates have put pressure on investors…
The property market has just begun the start of its next growth phase.

But don’t just take my word for it… here’s the past year’s growth as proof (despite high interest rates):

📈 Sydney - 10.6%
📈 Adelaide – 12.7%
📈 Perth – 11.9%
📈 Brisbane – 9.7%

And our research shows that this is just the beginning…
Imagine what happens when interest rates start to come down!

Sophisticated investors have already started positioning themselves for what could be the biggest property boom in history.

3) Maybe you think there’s too much uncertainty and property prices can’t possibly keep going higher!

While uncertainty will always exist in markets… here’s what we know for sure:
Australia’s population is set to increase by 4.31 million in as little as 6 years (ABS statistics).

But with a shockingly low 127,500 new dwellings being built this year (and even less last year)…
Severe housing shortages are sweeping across the nation and aren’t expected to ease up any time soon.

This WILD never before seen climate of restricted supply and soaring demand is causing analysts to predict house prices will climb higher than we’ve ever seen before.

And remember… shelter is one of our 4 basic needs.

There will always be demand for property.

4) Or maybe you think I’m full of sh*t and you’re not even sure why you’ve read this far…

It’s okay… I can take it.
But if you go through this Mentoring Program and don’t LOVE the wealth-generating secrets you’ve been gifted:

I present to you…

My Two Totally Outrageous “Pinch Me I’m Dreaming” Guarantees

Alright, buckle up:

I know I’ve made some bold claims here.

So I’ve got two guarantees to show you how serious I am about helping you succeed:

Guarantee #1 – support for success.

I know the investing journey can get lonely at times, with plenty of bumps and unforeseen turns.

That’s why if you have any questions or need help with your strategy, you’ll be able to reach our team of investing experts via email and get a response within 24 hours.

I genuinely care about your success and will be there with you every step of the way.

Guarantee #2 – don’t get value? I pay you.

While this mentoring program is 100% free of charge…

I know you’re still paying with your time.

And time is the most precious asset of them all.

That’s why I guarantee that if you go through this program and the strategies we outline don’t super-charge your portfolio’s growth…

I’ll send you a cheque for your hourly rate for the time you wasted.

That’s right… there’s literally ZERO risk.

How can I be so confident?

Because I know this system works!

And just ONE actionable insight could save you $10s of THOUSANDS.

But if that wasn’t enough for you…

Then here are your free bonuses!

Mock Up Again

Bonus #1 – Roadmap To Success (value $49)

In order to achieve your dream lifestyle, you must have a clear map on how to get there.

This roadmap will help you establish clear goals and is the same step-by-step framework I’ve used to grow my portfolio to well over 30+ properties.

And now I’m giving it away at no cost to you.

You’ll learn:

✅ How to take the first step towards investing in property

✅ How to get what you want WITHOUT sacrificing your lifestyle

✅ How to create your ‘North Star’ to help you weather any storm

✅ How to set meaningful goals that will keep you on track

✅ And much more

Mock Up Again

Bonus #2 (FREE Module) – Why Some Investors Fail To Meet Their Potential (value $49)

Over the last decade I’ve had the pleasure of helping countless Australian’s achieve their investing goals…

And all too often I see investors being held back by ONE single thing.

I don’t want you to make this same mistake.

That’s why this module will walk you through:

✅ The biggest obstacle that can stop investors in their tracks and prevent them from achieving their goals

✅ The key differences between an average buyer and an advanced investor

✅ How to transform yourself into an elite investor

✅ The 5 investing fears that will hinder your portfolio’s growth (and how to overcome them)

✅ And much more

Mock Up Again

Bonus #3 (FREE Module) – Why Invest In Property (value $49)

It’s no secret that Australia has a love affair with property.

But why do we like property so much anyway?

This module outlines why real-estate investing remains a tried and true method of building your cash-flow and wealth.

You’ll learn:

✅ Why ‘smart money’ is drawn to property

✅ Why property prices are always more resilient than other asset classes (even in the face of economic headwinds)

✅ The government’s sneaky vested interest in watching property prices grow

✅ How bank’s use lending policies to influence property prices

✅ And much more

That’s an extra $147 worth of property investing GOLD you get for free just for saying "maybe".

The way I see it... You have two options:

You can ignore this offer and try to do things yourself.

Spending countless hours doing the research and learning how to grow a portfolio…

Attending seminars, watching masterclasses, reading books, listening to podcasts…

Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on trial and error…

And possibly make a mistake that could set you back years (or prevent you from reaching you goals entirely).

Or maybe you’ll keep putting off your investing…

Waiting for “the right time”.

And continue to watch property prices rise and pay more for something you could have got for a steal today.

Or worse… you could get priced out for good and miss out on that early retirement altogether (a scary thought!)

The other option is you get mentored by me and my team for free and have a clear path to financial freedom in as little as 30 days

Take advantage of my 23+ years of investing experience so you don’t have to work tirelessly like I did just to gain the same knowledge.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Here’s what to do next:

As I mentioned before, these mentoring sessions are 100% free.

All you have to do is click the big yellow button below and tell us why you think you’d be a good fit for the program.

And then we can begin making this magical little exchange where I give you all my portfolio building secrets for free.

Talk soon,

Luke Harris.


In case you’re one of those people who skip to the end… Here’s the deal:

I’m giving you up to three mentoring sessions FOR FREE where you’ll get the same blueprint that’s helped me go from $0 to $25 million in property in just 23 years.

There’s no catch and the hard-hitting, portfolio building strategies provided could very well transform your life, just like they have mine.

Double P.S

Still reading huh?

If you’re wondering if this is really for you, all I can tell you is that this wealth creation system has worked for hundreds of Australians.

From just about every industry… professionals and business owners alike.

And it doesn’t matter how high interest rates are…

I’m so confident that this system will work for you that I’ve created not just one but two guarantees to make this as risk free as possible for you.

Triple P.S

Wow! You’re hard to please.

Look, I wish I could always offer this mentoring for free.

But the fact is my team and I have very limited time and the waitlist is filling up quickly.

Our mentors can only take 16 new members per group while still getting them the best results due to time constraints.

So don’t wait for interest rates to come down before you start taking your investing seriously…

Smack that big button below and let’s get started.

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