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The book Lets get real by The Property Mentors 2

Let’s Get Real shows you how to:

  • Clarify your current financial and personal situation
  • Fast-forward and define the life you want in years to come
  • Develop a wealth creation plan to achieve the lifestyle you want now – and after retiring
  • Discover the hidden obstacles that may be preventing you from achieving your ideal lifestyle
  • How to achieve more than you even imagined by following simple yet powerful wealth creation systems proven to work
  • Why you as the investor ultimately hold the keys to all of your own investment success

Why Property?

Learn why property is still one of the best ways to create wealth, despite recent changes — including tighter lending criteria and lower affordability. It reviews the challenges other generations have faced, as well as giving current property investors some valuable perspective and practical tips on how to get ahead in the property game.

Based on decades of experience knowing what works and what doesn’t, Let’s Get Real concentrates on the ‘why’ rather than the ‘how’. Once you have your mindset correctly focused, your goals set appropriately and a true understanding of the work involved, the actual nuts and bolts of property investing — while still important — are secondary.

In other words, we start with YOU!

With illustrations, graphics and motivational quotes throughout, this book is an easy read, but it’s not always easy to read – it asks you some hard questions along the way. It’s all part of getting real about property investing to make sure you get real results.

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About the Author

Luke Harris has put more than two decades of experience in business, property and investing into this book. From humble beginnings, with nothing more than big dreams, persistence and a can-do attitude, Luke continues to grow significant wealth through property for clients at The Property Mentors.

A Melbourne-based business comprising an elite team of property professionals who educate, motivate and facilitate clients from all around Australia, The Property Mentors is designed to help members to create the wealth and lifestyle they truly desire.