Despite high interest rates, tough lending policies and record high property prices…

Growing wealth and achieving the life of your dreams through property investing is just as possible now as ever.

But the problem is there’s so much information out there it’s almost impossible to know how that information applies to YOUR unique situation.

Whether it be positive vs negative gearing, capital growth vs cash-flow, new vs established, apartments vs houses, Sydney vs Melbourne, Adelaide vs Perth…

Off-the-plan, commercial, Airbnb, renovations, or developments…

And a new ‘hotspot’ every 5 minutes!

Everyone seems to have their own strategy for growing wealth through property.

And with everyone getting you to download their e-book or attend their ‘masterclass’, only to up-sell you into a course or house and land package…

How do you know who you can trust?

But here’s the thing:

It’s not that the information they provide is necessarily wrong…

It’s about what strategy is right for YOU based on YOUR situation and goals.

And between your job, family commitments and social life, how can you find the time to figure out what’s best for you?

You know you can’t rely on your salary forever…

But investing in assets worth half a million dollars isn’t something that should be taken lightly!

Without the proper education and strategy, you risk making a mistake that could set you back years.

My name’s Luke Harris and 24 short years ago I was the same…

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I craved freedom but was overwhelmed by all the information out there and I didn’t know who I could trust.

Having now grown my portfolio to over $25 million as well as helped hundreds of Australians achieve their own financial goals…

I’ve realised that you only have 2 options when investing in property:

You can try and do everything yourself…

Spending hours filtering through the endless amount of investing information:

Figuring out which strategy is right for you…
Researching to find the best growth areas…
Understanding your lending options…
Creating Excel spreadsheets for your cash-flow forecasts…

All while juggling work and the endless responsibilities life throws at you.

OR you can hire someone to help do your investing for you…

This can mean paying up to $15,000+ just for someone to source you a property (often without any ongoing service or accountability).

And what’s worse - most consultants will expect you to just “take their word for it”…

Meaning your financial future is heavily dependent on the skill and integrity of the buyer’s agent or property company you’re working with.

And when your family’s financial security is at stake, is that a risk you’re willing to take?

“But can’t I just find my own property on”

Well, you can…

But there are more than 15,000 suburbs in Australia and the odds of your local area being the best performing are slim.

And even if you do the research and find an area that does happen to be a great suburb to invest in…

You’ll soon learn that building a successful portfolio involves far more than simply buying a ‘high growth’ or ‘high yield’ property.

While this is of course important, record high property valuations and a tough lending climate make it harder than ever for investors to get their first property let alone their second or third.

And if you’re goal is to replace your 9 to 5 income with investments, you’re going to need more than 1 or 2 properties.

So what should you do?

Even if you have a high income AND are an exceptional saver, you’re going to run into borrowing constraints eventually.

Banks will stop lending to you and you’ll continue to watch the property market march forward, feeling like you could have done better.

But as someone who’s helped countless Australians from just about every profession (nurses, tradies, business owners, corporates, miners, doctors, and more)...

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I can tell you that having your investments provide more freedom and flexibility to your life is most certainly possible.

And it doesn’t require excessive risk taking and you DON’T need to be on a 6-figure salary.

But only if done right.

Over the last 24 years I’ve battle tested just about every property strategy under the sun.

And I’ve realised it’s not a matter of what works and what doesn’t…

It’s about what works best for YOU.

❓What property type fits your budget and strategy?
❓How should you structure your loans?
❓What tax benefits do you get and how can you maximise them?
❓How can you find a cash-flow positive property with interest rates are so high?
❓How do you know if you’re investing in the right area for capital growth?

This list of questions goes on…

Getting the right guidance from experts will save you time and money by helping you navigate these decisions and avoid making a mistake.

But the cost of this guidance shouldn't get in the way of your investing and you should never be relying on anyone for your financial future.

That’s why I’ve created a new mentoring program to teach you the skills necessary to invest and create a passive income through property.

These sessions are designed to help you filter through the endless amounts of investing information to find out what applies to YOUR unique situation.

With the aim of ‘teaching you how to fish’…

I’ll arm you with the same tools and education I’ve developed in going from $0 to $25 million in just 24 years.

Here's what you get:

Mentoring From a Team of Property Experts

Get tailored guidance based on your situation and goals by actual practitioners who are experienced in growing wealth through property.

We’ll help navigate decisions like what strategy is best for you, where you should invest for growth, how you can forecast the performance of a property, how you can legally reduce your tax and much more.

Personalised Roadmap to Success

We’ll help you create a realistic portfolio plan based on your financial position, risk tolerance and goals while factoring in market trends.

Wake up everyday with peace of mind knowing you have a clear path to a more free and fulfilling life.

Customised Action Plan

Once we’ve established the strategy that’s right for YOU, we’ll provide clarity around what steps need to be taken to achieve your desired lifestyle.

Careful planning and research backed by our data and experience will help you make the right decisions and maximise your return on investment.

Assembling Your Team of Experts

We’ll help you assemble your team of property specialists to help you with everything from obtaining finance, tax and financial planning, legal matters, asset protection and property management.

Growing a successful property portfolio requires an expert team who understand your goals and are working with each other to get you there.

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We’re not another property company or buyer’s agent

We see ourselves as long-term partners who view your success as our success.

We take a holistic approach to helping you scale your portfolio, solving bottlenecks before they even come up and preventing you from wasting time wondering what strategy is right for you.

But more importantly…

We provide you with tailored education along the way so you’ll never have to rely on us.

Whether you’re on your 1st property or your 5th, leverage our experience and data to make informed decisions with information tailored to YOU.

This means no more wasting time with e-books, seminars or ‘masterclasses’…

No paying $6k+ for an expensive course with generic ‘one-size fits all’ information…

No more spending hours researching ‘hotspots’ or filtering through investment strategies…

And no more relying on someone else for your financial future.

Many consultants would charge over $600+ an hour for this service…

But I’ll be providing these sessions 100% FREE of charge.

“Wait, what’s the catch…?”

"Buyers advocates hate him! Author and property millionaire agrees to help investors create a passive income for free"

Luke in the news

There are 3 reasons I’m doing this at no cost to you:

1) We believe education is the foundation of successful investing.

Look, achieving financial freedom through property isn't easy...

But having experienced first-hand the difference a successful portfolio can make to your life - I want to help others do the same.

This is my way of ‘sending the elevator back down'…

As this Mentoring Program is the exact roadmap I wish I had when I was starting out.

2) Unlike most ‘gurus’, I make most of my money through my investments…

NOT by selling you some course.

This means I can provide ALL my money-making secrets without holding anything back.

3) As a way of showing you I can help you by actually helping you.

The reality is growing a portfolio takes up a lot of your time…

Time you could spend on your career or doing something you enjoy like travelling or spending time with your family.

For investors who are serious about getting results, we offer an end-to-end service that handles the process of growing your portfolio for you.

This includes ongoing portfolio management, access to our research and data as well as access to strategic ‘off-market’ properties through my network of agents and developers.

But just to be crystal clear…

We don’t work with everyone and you must be invited by one of our mentors.

The rest we’re happy to help for free.

We've helped our members purchase more than $257 million worth of property!

But that quarter of a billion is just in purchases…
The total value of these properties today is well north of this!

Property Sold Chart qtr

But time is of the essence...

Look, I wish I could always offer this mentoring for free.

But my team and I have very limited time and spots are filling up fast.

So to make sure we can get you the best results…

I've strictly limited the number of new members we can take on.

Don't wait any longer...

Click the button below and book your first free mentoring session 👇

If you've read this far you might be thinking... this all sounds great! But...

“I don’t know if it’s the right time to be investing in property… aren’t interest rates too high?”

While rising interest rates have kept a lot of investors on the sidelines…

The property market has just started its next growth phase.

Imagine what happens when interest rates start to come down!

*(Many economists are forecasting rate cuts as soon as this year)…

But don’t just take my word for it… here’s the past year’s growth as proof (according to Domain’s data and despite high interest rates):

📈 Sydney - 10.6%
📈 Adelaide – 12.7%
📈 Perth – 11.9%
📈 Brisbane – 9.7%

And our research shows this is just the beginning…

Sophisticated investors have already started positioning themselves for what could be the biggest property boom in history.

“I’m too busy to be worrying about my investing right now”

Life gets in the way… I get it.

But when was the last time you weren’t busy?

Because face it:

There’s always going to be something taking up your time and the honest truth is no one will do your investing for you.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

“I don’t know if this property investing thing will work for ME”

Like I said, I’ve helped hundreds of Australians on all types of incomes…

For example:

💰 Young family Josh and Monique go from 0 to 3 properties in just 3 years WHILE having their first child.

Business owner Kiko rapidly explode his portfolio and go from 0 to 10 properties in just 1 YEAR while growing his freight transport business.

💰Parents Daren and Chantal purchase 2 properties in just 1 year WITHOUT sacrificing their lifestyle and while their 2 kids were in high school.

💰 Father and engineer Liam skyrocket his portfolio with 5 properties in just 3 years while building a family and career.

💰 Apprentice electrician Cody secure 3 properties in just 2 years… all before the age of 23!

I could go on and on…

And here are some real Google reviews to prove it:

After Helping Hundreds of Australians grow wealth through property

4.9 stars on

The way I see it... You have 3 options:

1) You can ignore this offer and try to do things yourself.

Spending countless hours researching and figuring out what strategy is right for you…

Attending seminars, watching masterclasses, reading books, listening to podcasts…

Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on trial and error…

And possibly making a mistake that could set you back years (or prevent you from reaching your goals entirely).

2) You could put your financial future in the hands of an overpriced buyer’s agent and hope they have your best interest at heart.

While paying outrageous fees that will eat into your profits and only slow you down from your next investment.

3) OR you can get mentored by me and my team where we’ll give you a personalised portfolio growth roadmap for free.

Take advantage of my 24+ years of investing experience so you don’t have to work tirelessly like I did just to gain the same knowledge.

Doesn’t that sound better than doing it on your own?

Here’s what to do next:

As I mentioned before these mentoring sessions are 100% free.

And imagine if just ONE piece of investing advice put you on the right track and supercharged your return on investment…

How much would you pay for the ONE piece of advice that helped you to retire 10 years sooner?

$10,000…? $20,000…? More?

All you have to do is book your no obligation call with one of our expert property mentors and you can fast-track your portfolio’s growth for FREE!

Worst case scenario is you book a call and come away with a strategic portfolio growth roadmap.

Best case is we’ll have you sitting on a beach sipping pina coladas with a fleet of ‘workhorse’ properties putting cash in your pocket every week 😉

Click the button below and let’s get started.

Talk soon,

Luke Harris.


In case you’re one of those people who skip to the end… Here’s the deal:

I’m giving you up to three mentoring sessions FOR FREE where you’ll get the same blueprint that’s helped me go from $0 to $25 million in property in just 23 years.

There’s no catch and the hard-hitting, portfolio building strategies provided could very well transform your life, just like they have for hundreds of my members.

Double P.S

Still reading huh?

If you’re wondering if this is really for you, all I can tell you is that this wealth creation system has worked for hundreds of Australians.

From just about every industry… professionals and business owners alike.

And it doesn’t matter how high interest rates are…

But my team and I have very limited time and spots are filling up fast.

So don’t wait for interest rates to come down to start taking your investing seriously…

Click that big button below and book your first session now!

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