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How To Profit From Australian Property, Without The Need For Loans
How To Profit From Australian Property, Without The Need For Loans

Learn how to boost your cash flow & increase your equity position without the need for bank handouts.

Everyone knows banks make INSANE PROFITS, largely off the back of YOU – homeowners and investors.

We are on the verge of a shift. The type of investments that may have worked over the last few decades are unlikely to produce the same result over the next few decades.

This webinar will take an in-depth look into:
– What the recent changes to lending for investors, imposed by APRA & the banks, mean for property investors.
– Why now is such a great time to build your Aussie property holdings and why it is EVEN BETTER if you can do it debt-free.
– How to flip traditional lending practices on their head and give the banks the bird on the way out.
– How to secure, prime Aussie real estate, without the need for any lending…. And all at serious discounts to market!
– How to increase your wealth position, without taking on more debt. This could be the ultimate safety play, and hedge against these uncertain macroeconomic conditions.
– How to build your cash flow from property… and without the need to ever own another property!

This is a must-attend webinar for:
– Every property buyer who has been unable to get their foot onto the property ladder… or can’t get onto the next rung.
– Anyone over the age of 50 who is looking to secure a comfortable (or even generous) retirement within the next 1-2 decades.
– For the self-employed, unemployed, retired, or those who have recently started a business, changed jobs or careers.
– Pretty much anyone that has been shut out of the property market by the banks servicing calculators.

Is The World Economy About To Collapse
Is The World Economy About To Collapse

First came Grexit, then Brexit, and some economists believe a Quitaly is imminent. Greece still has unemployment figures of 25% & youth unemployment over 50%. In fact, 11 countries in the Eurozone have youth unemployment of over 20%.

After years of economic policies designed to stimulate inflation such as QE programmes, & ultra-low interest rates policies what we have is World Government Debt of over US$61 Trillion (and growing by over US$4M / min). Last week’s CPI numbers here in Australia, according to the ABS, came in at just 1% over the year to June 30th, 2016. which is the lowest since the June quarter of 1999.

Bottom line what this means for most people is lower standards of living, low wage growth, higher levels of unemployment (and underemployment), and massive uncertainty, both here, and abroad.

But is it time to sell everything and put your money under the mattress? Or perhaps pour into gold, bonds, term deposits, foreign currency, or other traditional “safe” havens?

Imagine being able to protect yourself with a solid bulletproof shield against any global, or local, financial disasters and team up with a team of professional investors that are already out there right now, taking advantage of the opportunities, and making MILLIONS in the process…

Let us share with you a system that will show you how, and where, to secure deeply discounted properties that provide both solid CAPITAL GROWTH & healthy CASHFLOW from as little as $75,000 …. even in these uncertain economic times?

Tune in and you will learn:
* What is really happening around the world right now?
* What are leading investors doing in this economic environment?
* How to safely, and predictably, accelerate your wealth over the turbulent years ahead!
* How To Secure Deeply Discounted Properties That Provide Both Solid CAPITAL GROWTH & Healthy CASHFLOW From As Little As $75,000
* How to reduce, or eliminate your personal exposure to debt, without sacrificing the power of leverage.

Is Traditional Investing Dead?
Is Traditional Investing Dead?

* How To Safely Profit From Aussie Property Over the Next Decade.
* How To Access A Multi-Million Dollar Property Portfolio For As Little as $75,000.
* How You Could Grow Your Property Portfolio Even Faster Without Taking On Any Personal Debt.
* How To Secure High Yielding Property At Least 15% Below Market Value.
* What Exactly Is This Smarter, Faster & Safer “Alternative” To Building Wealth Through Property.

Advanced Property Due Diligence
Advanced Property Due Diligence

* Understanding Property Cycles and Predict where the next “Hot-Spots” or “Boom” suburbs are likely to be.
* Making Sense of All The Property Data… We will show you what data to look for and what data you can avoid.
* We will conduct an in-depth suburb analysis LIVE in front of you.
* Understand how long it should take to be able to make a sound investment decision.
* Attendees will also be introduced to the man I call the Property Prophet. You will be able to learn his secrets and exactly how he does it…

Market Update State Of The Nation
Market Update State Of The Nation

* With an Australian Federal election looming we will discuss what each parties policy platform is likely to mean for investors.
* The proposed changes to Negative Gearing & CGT. Just what will this mean to Australian Property Prices and where will the future opportunities lay?
* With the release of low than expected Inflation numbers & wage growth this month what will this mean for the Australian Investment Landscape.
* With the markets pricing in another US interest rate rise in the months ahead, what will this mean for the global economy and Australia?
* How will each State fair post election? We will give you a complete property market wrap-up and our predictions for the rest of 2016 and beyond.