Crush your #LIFEGOALS


Get started in the property game today

You know that old saying, ‘you can only make REAL money through property or business’? Well, business is pretty hard work…  Property on the other hand, works for YOU. Work smarter, not harder and get set up right from the start.

The Property Mentors can help you get that foot (or key!) in the door and crush your life goals.

With our expert guidance you will learn how to:  

  • read the market
  • negotiate with confidence
  • purchase your first property - with plenty more to come!
  • lay the foundations for a healthy investment portfolio

Don’t delay. There’s never been a better time to invest. 


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The Property Mentors also offer a range of introductory services where you can learn-as-you-go. Check out our FREE WEBINARS and our face-to-face EVENTS designed specifically for the first-time investor.


Armchair Developing™

Developing Property Profits The Easy Way

Learn how to safely “partner” with experienced developers for as little as $10,000.


The Lender™

Your Exclusive Access To High Yielding Lending Opportunities

Balance your portfolio and tap into our exclusive members-only lending opportunities with returns from a healthy 8% p.a to 20% p.a or more


TPM Wholesale Property Trust™

Creating Wholesale Property Investment Opportunities For Our Members

Access genuine wholesale property discounts of up to 20%.