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What Can We Do To Benefit From The ‘Asian Century’? – Part Five

There are a number of ways we can take advantage of Australia’s geographical proximity to Asia, reputation for quality & honesty, our natural assets, and strong track record of historic growth in our property markets. We cover this… Read More

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What Does Asia Think About Australia (and Australians)? – Part Four

Australia is arguably geographically better positioned than almost any other Western Nation to take advantage of the Asian Century. Coupled with the fact that Australia has some of the largest supplies of resources & minerals in the world,… Read More

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How Unaffordable Is Australian Property On A Global Scale? – Part Three

Ok so yesterday, well I got a few people upset when I started speaking about wages, working conditions and where Australians sit in the world rankings for hard work? Please be clear I DID NOT question whether you… Read More

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Do We Really Work Hard Here In Australia? – Part Two

Let’s just start by saying one of the most frequent complaints I hear on a regular basis is that there just isn’t enough time in a day! I am sure that many of you reading this genuinely believe… Read More

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Is Australia Still ‘The Lucky Country’? – Part One

Over the last month I have travelled to Bali,Thailand & Singapore and whilst I was primarily holidaying to recharge for an exciting second half of 2016, and running (some might say like a little baby) away from the… Read More