Do Investors Have a Lot to Learn from Their Better Halves?

  Let’s take a look at a controversial topic: how do men and women differ as investors, and what can each sex learn from the other? To start with, a bit of economic background. In March 2017, The… Read More

ticking now on check boxes on blackboard
Procrastination & The Art Of Putting Off Till Tomorrow What You Could Have Done Yesterday….

By Matthew Bateman As I sit to write this in the new Perth Airport terminal, whilst I wait for my flight overnight to Brisbane, I am reminded by ads everywhere that Xmas is fast approaching. In fact, it is… Read More

Australian Superannuation Fees Too High
Australian Superannuation Fees Too High – Says Treasury

By Peter Martin Australians are paying an extraordinary $20 billion per year in superannuation fees, about three times as much as they need to, the Commonwealth Treasury says. Addressing the Committee for the Economic Development of Australia on… Read More

Profiting From Property Is Not Just About Luck

Sometimes there is money to be made in property in unexpected places. That is why, for the property investor or homebuyers keen to ensure their purchase will show a profit, researching capital growth is crucial. We all know… Read More