Using Property to Retire Well

Some retirees rely solely on their rental incomes from their investment properties to fund their retirement. Others use it simply to enhance their lifestyle, regarding it as nice-to-have additional income — and of course many retirees don’t own rental property at all. Let’s answer the three most frequently asked questions by people considering investing [...]

Wealth Strategies For Every Stage of Life

A basic principle of wealth accumulation is that at least some of the income you generate throughout your working years should be utilised towards growing your wealth. By accumulating growth assets such as properties, businesses or shares that increase in value over time, in retirement those same assets may be used to either partially or [...]

What You Need to Know About Your Credit Score

Remember back at school when you got a report card that told you, or perhaps more importantly your parents, how well you were performing in each of your subjects? Well, your credit score and credit report are used by lenders to see how well you are doing managing your finances.If you are looking to borrow [...]

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3 Tips to Make Additional Money on Your Property Portfolio

When we’re young, the bulk of our income goes towards paying our bills, mortgage, and lifestyle. As we get closer to retirement, we want to pay for our lifestyles through the financial assets we’ve accrued throughout our lives. Here’s how to accrue some extra funding from your portfolio. Your retirement income may come from [...]

Do Investors Have a Lot to Learn from Their Better Halves?

Let’s take a look at a controversial topic: how do men and women differ as investors, and what can each sex learn from the other? To start with, a bit of economic background. In March 2017, The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) released its landmark employment study, which singled out stay-at-home mums [...]

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Procrastination & The Art Of Putting Off Till Tomorrow What You Could Have Done Yesterday….

By Matthew Bateman As I sit to write this in the new Perth Airport terminal, whilst I wait for my flight overnight to Brisbane, I am reminded by ads everywhere that Xmas is fast approaching. In fact, it is less than 25 days away now! Now for the record, I am going to admit that [...]

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Australian Superannuation Fees Too High – Says Treasury

By Peter Martin Australians are paying an extraordinary $20 billion per year in superannuation fees, about three times as much as they need to, the Commonwealth Treasury says. Addressing the Committee for the Economic Development of Australia on Monday, Treasury director David Gruen said super fees averaged $726 per year for members with a [...]

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