Build a Profitable Property Portfolio Workshop

Professional guidance to create long-term sustainable wealth

Sunday, March 1st, 11am to 1.30pm

The Cullen Hotel, Prahran

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Free Admission includes a copy of the book that is changing lives accross Australia: "Let's Get Real" by key speaker Luke Harris

Who Should Attend This Workshop?

  • Home owners wanting to leverage their equity to build long-term wealth and retire comfortably
  • First-time investors wanting help sourcing and negotiating the best new property deals  
  • Busy professionals and business owners seeking tax-efficient investment solutions
  • Current property investors seeking ways to expand and optimise their portfolio
  • Investors who want accelerated returns on their cash to save their next deposit faster

What Will You Learn at the Workshop?

  • Why the next year represents a rare "perfect storm" of opportunity
  • How you may be able to leverage superannuation to invest in property with as little as $90k combined
  • How strategic property selection can dramatically improve your long-term success and how we can help you get it right
  • Recent changes in lending and interest rates, and how they affect you
  • The Property Mentors Success Formula and why it is more likely to provide positive results for investors
  • How to access lucrative off-market deals before they reach mainstream agents 
  • Real-life case studies of current members and what they have been able to achieve. 

Admisson includes a free copy of "Let's Get Real"

The book that is changing lives across Australia

Book with yellow cover

"This will help set anyone up on the journey, but be prepared for practical exercises to work out your financial status and the need for a serious plan of attack. You won't get rich overnight but this will help you on the path to thinking more carefully about investing in property and what strategy best suits you."

Sophie Elsworth National Finance Writer, News Corp Australia

Some Results of Current TPM Members

*Become The Lender is a proprietory investment strategy avalaible to The Property Mentors members

All investments listed were sourced and negotiated by The Property Mentors.

Who Are The Property Mentors?

The Property Mentors are a team of dedicated property professionals who can help you achieve outstanding results through property.  

Whether you are just beginning, or already have a multi-million dollar portfolio, we can help you slash through the maze of investment-related information, and misinformation, in the marketplace today.  

No longer waste time wondering if you’re making the right investment decisions, we stand with you, providing you with education, motivation and opportunities, that will fast-track your portfolio with high performing properties.  

Our focus is Planning, Mentoring and Access to Strategies that work in building wealth through property investment. 

CEO & Founder of The Property Mentors Luke Harris has always had an entrepreneurial mind and thought outside the box when building business and investing in property.  

At age 19 he started his first business — and by 20 he began his property investing career, buying houses, apartments, subdivisions and more.  

After a two year "mini-retirement” at age 30, Luke founded The Property Mentors, drawing on his vast investment experience to empower thousands of people on their own investment journeys through his books and workshops.

Luke holds a personal 8-figure property portfolio and also works one-on-one with a select group of members to help them achieve elite-level results.

Some Recent Success Stories

We have helped hundeds of people build their property portfolios. 

Read some of their recent success stories below.

A couple nearing retirement age approached The Property Mentors in 2014, worried that they'd left it too late to get started in property. 

In their first year they bought two properties which are both in high growth areas and each one has increased in valued by more than $60,000 per year. Moreover, the couple now have very clear understanding of their finances and their options for retirement.

A young couple with 4 children met The Property Mentors in 2017. They were struggling to get started on their own. We were able to help them secure a blue chip investment property with significant purchase savings and a rental guarantee. 

The property costs them nothing out of pocket to hold and they are on track to secure their next investment property within the next 12 months

Another client approached The Property Mentors last year unsure how to invest the money from a recent settlement. She had been searching for months but felt nervous going through the investing process alone. 

We were able to help her find a new investment property in a growth suburb with signficant purchase savings and inclusions. We negotiated a rental guarantee that means the property costs her nothing out of pocket to own.

A couple in their mid sixties started working with The Property Mentors in 2015. They could no longer qualify for loans but had cash and their supperannuation. 

We were able to help them secure two town houses in the ground-breaking phase of a development, well below market prices and invest their remaining funds in our Become The Lender strategy to earn an average of 10% interest to fund their retirement lifestyle. 

Event Details

The Cullen Hotel Rooftop

164 Commercial Road Prahran  

11am to 1.30pm 

Sunday March 1st  

Admission includes a free copy of the "Let's Get Real" book  

Free on-street parking available nearby or paid undercover parking is available at Prahran Square

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