About Luke Harris

From a young age Luke has had an entrepreneurial mind and thought outside the box when building business and investing in property. At age 19 he started his first business — and by 20 he began his property investing career, buying houses, apartments, subdivisions and more. After “retiring” upon selling his business at age 30, Luke co-founded The Property Mentors, drawing on his vast investment experience and portfolio worth over $150 million to empower thousands of people on their own investment journeys.

Using Property to Retire Well

Some retirees rely solely on their rental incomes from their investment properties to fund their retirement. Others use it simply to enhance their lifestyle, regarding it as nice-to-have additional income — and of course many retirees don’t own rental property at all. Let’s answer the three most frequently asked questions by people considering investing [...]

Wealth Strategies For Every Stage of Life

A basic principle of wealth accumulation is that at least some of the income you generate throughout your working years should be utilised towards growing your wealth. By accumulating growth assets such as properties, businesses or shares that increase in value over time, in retirement those same assets may be used to either partially or [...]

The Common Investment Mistakes You Need to Avoid

There are plenty of mistakes that you can make when it comes to investing. I tend to group them into two main categories: fundamental and technical. So, what are the fundamental mistakes that investors make? Before I can answer this question, let’s take a step back to establish why people invest in the first [...]

What is Rentvesting and Why Do People Choose It?

Like anything you do in the investing space knowing which strategy to apply and when to apply it are powerful wealth creation tools. Rentvesting is becoming ever more popular strategy as more and more people have been priced out of their preferred markets over recent years. In essence, the strategy of Rentvesting is investing into [...]

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What You Need to Know About Your Credit Score

Remember back at school when you got a report card that told you, or perhaps more importantly your parents, how well you were performing in each of your subjects? Well, your credit score and credit report are used by lenders to see how well you are doing managing your finances.If you are looking to borrow [...]

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McDonald’s Now Building Apartments?!

We have written about McDonald's not being in the hamburger business but rather the property business before. Forget the two all-beef patties, special sauce, pickled onions on a sesame seed bun: they are taking things to a whole new level by partnering with Stockland to develop one of their sites into 350 apartments, 1,565 square [...]

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RBA Rates Notice: 6 February 2018

The RBA has met again this month and unsurprisingly has left the official cash rate at 1.5% p.a. Recent data from the US have shown payroll numbers surprising to the upside. Combined with Trump’s corporate tax cuts, the expectation of higher inflation has resulted in increased yields on US bonds and a sell-off in [...]

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No News is Good News

The Reserve Bank Of Australia (RBA) has met again today and — once again! — has left official interest rates on hold at 1.5% p.a. As we have said for most of 2017, official rates are unlikely to move in a hurry, as the world suffers from sluggish inflation and high asset prices in a [...]

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June RBA Meeting

It should come as no surprise that the RBA has again decided at today’s board meeting to leave the cash rate unchanged at 1.5%. I feel a bit like a broken record, as for the last few months we have been saying that the economic environment we find ourselves in is more heavily weighted to the downside, not [...]

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RBA Monetary Policy Decision: 4 April 2017

Unsurprisingly, the Board of the RBA has decided to leave the cash rate unchanged at 1.50%. As we have said since late last year, we don’t expect conditions in Australia, or globally, to push the RBA off the fence anytime soon. Unfortunately, in Australia, rising property prices in Sydney and Melbourne, fueled in large part [...]

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