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The Property Mentors are an elite team of property professionals who work exclusively with our members to deliver long-term investment results.

We offer education, guidance and unparalleled access to leading property opportunities based on our extensive experience, insider knowledge, industry networks, and bulk-buying power that will accelerate your property portfolio to the next level.  Our mission is to assist motivated, focused people to grow beyond their comfort zones, create their ‘3D’ visions, and develop sustainable property portfolios, which, when done properly, we believe is the best (and most secure) way to create wealth these days.

“With over $130 million in developments, The Property Mentors have successfully taught thousands of clients how to build extensive property portfolios to suit their lifestyle. Let The Property Mentors share their wealth of knowledge and innovative strategies so you can fast track your property investing goals!”


As a highly ethical company, we focus on integrity, personally mentoring and supporting our clients through their goals and building long-term relationships that are based on results with a win-win approach.

Founders Dr. Matt & Luke and their team are elite property investors who learnt that by working together we can all get access to better deals, bigger profits and have more fun along the way.   As a bulk buying group we have been able to negotiate great pricing, high-value inclusions, excellent purchase terms and so many more really practical advantages over other investors.

Our Mentors


You can’t have our mentors multi-million dollar property portfolios, but you can have their experience. Let Matt & Luke and their team, each with their own successful portfolio, show you how to think outside the box, avoid pitfalls and accelerate your investment goals without a mountain of debt.

Our team of 5 key mentors are dedicated to training you to be financially free through the invigorating enterprise of property investing.

We are property investors, helping other like minded property investors who are striving for something bigger.

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