What Does Your Fridge Say About You?

I want to let you all in on a little pet enjoyment of mine: I love all the obscure celebrations that are observed each year. For example, there’s International Fun at Work Day (1 April), International Talk Like A Pirate Day (18 September) or Wear Brown Shoes Day (4 December).

Some celebrations even last a whole month, such as Movember — a great chance for Aussie men to get their Handlebars, Horseshoes or Fu Manchus out on display, as well as supporting a good cause.

So did you know that today, 15 November, is Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day?

Do you even know what’s lurking in the back of the refrigerator right now? There are actually a few analogies we can draw between how you manage your fridge and how you take care of your investing.

Money management habits are something we learn over time. Some of us manage our money really well, knowing where every dollar is spent or invested; whereas others have no idea where their money goes. Now, when it comes to your fridge, perhaps being a really good saver is probably not such a good idea! Do you even remember what that mouldy container right at the back even was originally?

However, according to www.foodwise.com.au, Australians throw out $8 billion worth of edible food every year, discarding up to 20% of all the food they purchase. That’s like just throwing out every fifth bag of groceries you bring home!

So why is that?

Well, like many things in life it often comes down to planning — or a lack of planning, to be more specific. When we buy food items on a whim, or without some sort of meal planner, chances are much of it will go to waste.

Just like with your investing, if you have no plan, many opportunities will go to go to waste — and you are losing money.

Think about this! At one stage everything in your refrigerator was once fresh and ready for your eating pleasure. Unfortunately, over the course of weeks, months or even years in some cases, things get pushed to the back of the refrigerator and slowly transform into something impossible to identify.

Similarly, at one point in your life you probably had fresh ideas, dreams and goals that you wanted to achieve to enjoy a more pleasurable life.

But over time, some of us have let those ideas get pushed further and further into the recesses of our minds, allowing those dreams to slowly wither and eventually rot away.

So given that today is Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day, we challenge you to do 2 things:

  1. Clean out your fridge of course — and follow the food safety motto, “If in doubt, throw it out!”
  2. Check in with your goals, dreams and plans and ask yourself: “Am I letting anything go to waste?”, “Are my current plans actually helping me get closer to my goals?”

And whilst we are not going to offer to come around and help you clean out your fridge, we are here to offer you help in identifying your life goals and creating a strategic plan to help you achieve them faster, safer and more predictably than you will likely ever be able to achieve trying to do it all on your own.

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