Houston, We Have A (Property Education) Problem

Now when we were asked to put together a one day event, covering off exactly how we achieve the type of results we do in the property space we had a bit of a dilemma; How do we price, what is essentially a potentially priceless event?

How do you put a dollar figure on something that has taken decades to learn? What is the culmination of some of the best minds in the industry collaborating to provide participants with a rock-solid framework to succeed in the property investing space.

Of course, if we priced it at it’s real value, we would probably only see the already wealthy attend because it would probably be charged out at thousands of dollars.

On the other hand, we also know that pricing it too low (which we have probably done) can be just as big a problem. We are in danger that some people might erroneously think that price we are charging is reflective of the value of the content. That because we are only charging $97 for the whole day that what we are offering is light weight or of little value?

Or for those that have been around the traps, might misconstrue the $97 price tag as being the type of event where there is a big up sell into another event or course worth thousands of dollars at the end. You know the type where you have to run to the back of the room to sign up TODAY to receive these never to be repeated special offers. OUCH!




For Only $97 Here Is Just A Snap-Shot Of What You Will Learn:
  • The #1 secret to property “Hotspotting”.
  • The specific research tools you will need to predict growth suburbs accurately.
  • How to develop a systematic, and dare we say it foolproof, Due Diligence checklist to ensure your next investment does not turn out to be a lemon.
  • How to get access to high-quality data, research & information, often at no, or low cost.
  • How to access home loans from as low as 2.00%… and other leading finance strategies that the pros use.
  • How to walk away with the knowledge, confidence and tools to become an expert in your own right when it comes to picking property winners!
  • Plus with all the information, and misinformation, out there – we will even tell you what data you need to AVOID like the plague!
  • Now to be 100% upfront, there will be the opportunity for anyone who loves what we do to continue on the journey with us.
  • And just like in the Batman movie where the Joker (the one before Heath Ledger) asks “Where does he get all those crazy toys” we will show you have to get access to some of the best tools in property. But that will only be for those that who see value in these opportunities and as always there will be no high-pressure selling tactics at any of our events.
So who is this event for?

Well for anyone, who wants to become a more successful property investor and understands the value of a better education really.

Let’s face it, if making serious money through property investment was easy, everyone would be doing it… and doing it well.

Taxation statistics from 2013-14 (by the way we will explain what data you can trust, what data is relevant, & why most data is simply out of date by the time it is printed at the event) tells us that just over 2M Aussies, or 2,033,973 to be exact, claimed to be property investors. Meanwhile, ABS data tells us that the preliminary estimated resident population (ERP) of Australia at 30 June 2013 was 23,130,900 people. Dividing those 2 numbers we can see therefore that only 8.8%, (or around 1 in 12 Australians), are property investors. And out of those, only a very small number of investors can successfully live off the returns from their property investments.




But just because it is not easy, does not mean we cannot make it simpler to get ahead.

And no matter what level of results you have achieved to date, if you want better results, that starts by increasing your knowledge base.

One of the most powerful statements that we hold to be true is “you don’t know what you don’t know!”.

Look, I know some of you reading this may have made some money from property in the past, or at least know someone who has. However, if being 100% truthful, more often than not, there was probably a fair bit of luck involved. The research done, if any was done at at all, was probably half-arsed, incomplete, or flawed, and most of the result came from the wave of market movement that really was going to happen anyway. And yes we could argue that simply being in the ocean gives us a better chance of catching a wave, but it also makes it more likely you drown or get eaten by a shark. Of course, there are many investors out there who either missed the wave, buying the wrong property, at the wrong time, or they bought (or were sold to by property “sharks”) properties that turned out to be lemons, and simply didn’t have the skill, finances, or time to see those lemons turned into lemonade.

And there is not much that will make our blood boil more than hard working Australians, just trying to get ahead, getting screwed over by rogue operators. Having said that we also find it hard to have too much sympathy for those investors who are simply not willing to put in the time and energy to learn how to do things better for themselves.

And at just $97 there will probably not be too many better opportunities to raise your level of property education, and fast-trach your results, in such an easy to digest one day format!

So make the decision right now to join us, and let us teach you how to read the property tea leaves? Let us show you how to become a property research ninja and graduate with your vey own black-belt in property due-diligence.

And look if you can’t see the value in learning how to safely and profitably move forward in the property market for less than the cost of a decent meal out, then you are probably not ready to absorb the lessons from an event like this just yet.




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Over the last 20 years, Matt has been a successful entrepreneur and a property investor. From his love of property and helping others achieve greatness, he and business partner Luke Harris co-founded The Property Mentors. Together they are currently steering the ship on over $150 million worth of thriving property developments around Australia. Matt is a best-selling author and in-demand presenter, regularly wowing audiences all around Australia who are looking to create real and lasting wealth through smart property investing.