Property Mentor Masterclass – $997

Our Mentor Masterclass is unlike any other property event you have attended.

4 October at 09:30 to 5 October at 17:00

Level 1, 8 Yarra Street, Hawthorn Vic 3122

This is an event run by investors, for investors!

Over two days, our elite team of Property Mentors will open up and share detailed strategic information on their personal portfolios, how they have structured their assets, what criteria banks use to assess their ability to borrow so they can maximise lending and expand their portfolios, due diligence criteria they have spent years putting together to evaluate projects and more importantly what areas they are personally investing into in the current market and why.

The event is designed to help investors accelerate results by avoiding common mistakes and providing them with the right tools and knowledge from the beginning to ensure a smooth acquisition process in order to allow your portfolio to grow organically and headache free.

With practical education that you can use in the current marketplace, our elite team of Property Mentors will not only share their personal knowledge, skills and experience, but also introduce you to a team of solicitors, financiers and accountants who are also property investors, so you have a solid team around you to help you on your journey.

This is an exclusive live event only suitable for those investors who are serious about accelerating their results.

The first day will break down any misconceptions about the banking system as finance is the most critical element for any investor. We will spend time educating you on how the banks work, what criteria they use to assess your loan application and how you can use this to your advantage to borrow more money, how to structure yourself correctly so that your assets are protected, what due diligence can be applied to assess various opportunities and more importantly what unbiased education and websites you can refer to to obtain this information.

The Property Mentors will also cover how you actually generate an income from your live portfolio as too many people make the mistake of maxing themselves out with a few properties and never actually get to the point of being able to live off their assets.

Day two is spent entirely out on the road meeting developers, analysing suburb profiles, understanding local demographics, studying unbiased due diligence kits, breaking down depreciation reports and evaluating potential investment opportunities. The property tour will also take you past what we consider to be disaster projects, and our Mentors will point out what NOT to do.

To ensure that the Mentor Masterclass events are kept exclusive and only for those serious about getting results, all attendees must qualify to attend.

The Mentor Masterclass is limited to only 20 people, so submit an application now!

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About the Author:

Over the last 20 years, Matt has been a successful entrepreneur and a property investor. From his love of property and helping others achieve greatness, he and business partner Luke Harris co-founded The Property Mentors. Together they are currently steering the ship on over $150 million worth of thriving property developments around Australia. Matt is a best-selling author and in-demand presenter, regularly wowing audiences all around Australia who are looking to create real and lasting wealth through smart property investing.